Just kick Lacey off. Please.

I can’t stand Lacey in season five of Hell’s Kitchen. Here’s why.

Chef Ramsay. Please kick Lacey off for next service. She’s a whiny and annoying pessimist who can’t be assed to do anything for herself or her team.
When the fifth season of Hell’s Kitchen started last month, Lacey claimed that she’s “…a hard worker and [she] can hang with the big boys.” Full of shit. She cried and hid under her sheets for the Red Team’s first punishment, even after the other contestants tried to make her feel better. What a way to instill confidence in yourself.

During the Signature Dish tasting, Lacey’s Chicken and Blackberries garnered an unfavoured response from Chef Ramsay. Lacey returned hoping “…to stick around to show [Ramsay] that I can definitely do a lot better.” A lot better? At what? Being a whiny hopeless quitter? Hell, even Colleen, one of the other contestants, never mentioned quitting even though she was targeted relentlessly by Chef.

We find out that she talks like this because she becomes “frustrated” and needs a “moment to herself.” Why not say you need a break to clear your mind rather than having no regard for your team mates. Terrible impression on yourself.

As the season progressed, more of Lacey’s lazy and griping personality bloomed. When both teams visited the slaughter house, Lacey blew off Sous Chef Scott’s lecture on the various cuts of beef. Unfortunately, if Lacey had paid attention, she wouldn’t have been stupidly moving the labels around on the model cow during the challenge. Bottom round on the front legs of the cow? As Andrea so eloquently put it, “Lacey was just moving things around for the sake of feeling like she’s doing something.” Holy shit girl.

After Chef moved Lacey over to the Blue Team, she wanted to quit the following morning. Ben took her aside and tried to at least give her some kind of comfort that the team will help her out, even though “Ben was trying to blow smoke up [her] ass.” What a bitch.

However, Lacey is good for one thing: folding paper. She can folder neat paper cranes, but that’s about it. Lacey should be working in an office folding letters into envelopes. I’d have to feel bad for the people sitting in the cubicles next to her though.

She better be kicked off during the next episode, or at least throw her jacket in. She’s like Matt from season four. Both are idiots with loud, whiny voices. I don’t think I’d want to be in a kitchen, much less a restaurant with any of them.

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A regular pop-drinking, hockey-watching, snow-shovelling Canadian, Frederick, aka Nephrus, loves his anime. Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Frederick runs amok between his hometown and the states of Illinois and Texas, spending time with friends, at anime conventions and looking for some good burgers or sashimi.


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