And let there be heat…


It's 99° F right now!

Vancouver and much of southern British Columbia has been sweltering under temperatures climbing into the high 30s (upper 90s for those south of the border). Since Saturday, records have been shattered around the province as the mercury climbed — Lytton in Fraser Canyon is reached 40° C yesterday and Port Hardy hit 39° C, while those in Vancouver cooked under a reported 32° C (though the thermometer pictured shows close to 100° F).

Good news though as temperatures are supposed to cool off towards the weekend as the heat wave diminishes. Remember to keep cool by drinking plenty of fluids, staying in the shade, and taking it easy.

About Frederick Linsmeyer

A regular pop-drinking, hockey-watching, snow-shovelling Canadian, Frederick, aka Nephrus, loves his anime. Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Frederick runs amok between his hometown and the states of Illinois and Texas, spending time with friends, at anime conventions and looking for some good burgers or sashimi.


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