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Sakura-Con 2014

Frederick Linsmeyer • April 30, 2014 • Conventions

A sure sign of spring in Seattle is the Easter Weekend and Sakura-Con. For three days, April 18th through April 20th, 2014, a veritable army of costumed fans conquered a small portion of the Emerald City’s downtown, concentrated around the Washington State Convention Center. Didn’t get to attend? Check out my collection of photos from the event on Gallery.
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Sakura-Con 2014 in pictures

Frederick Linsmeyer • April 24, 2014 • In Pictures

With another Sakura-Con behind us, it’s time to reflect on the gorgeous costumes and events over the three-day weekend. It’s always fun to see what people are wearing and some of the antics for those with a camera. And it was even more awesome being allowed to take still pictures during the ELISA concert on Saturday evening. If you couldn’t make it, there are pictures to make up for what you missed. As always, the collection is slowly being added to Gallery.

Tsunade sure does enjoy her tea! Kefka claims credit for his evil genius. Get in the robot, Shinji!
Rin borrows Yukio's glasses. Hilarity ensues. Colossal maids accost Levi... Len and Rin Kagamine sport their new kitty ears. :3

Sakura-Con 2013

Frederick Linsmeyer • April 4, 2013 • Conventions

You know it’s springtime when the cherry blossoms are blooming with costumes posing outside the Washington State Convention Center. Sakura-Con is a celebration of Japanese pop culture with the pale pink petals not only providing part of the convention’s logo, but a picturesque theme of the three-day long party. As the Easter weekend was a little early this year, Sakura-Con ran from Friday, March 29th until 31st, 2013. Read the rest of this article…

Sakura-con 2013 in photos

Frederick Linsmeyer • April 3, 2013 • In Pictures

With another successful Sakura-Con behind us, it’s time to go through the wonderful images from the weekend. For the first time, I decided to switch to the RAW format on my camera to make adjusting over-or-under exposed pictures look nicer. So, did it work out? Take a look at all the pictures from Sakura-Con 2013.

Totoro Naruto Uzumaki Miku Hatsune
Princess Peach Link and horses Rin Okumura
Reki Kawahara Bryce Papenbrook Yukio Okumura

View the complete collection on Gallery.

Sakura-Con 2012

Frederick Linsmeyer • April 13, 2012 • Conventions

Sakura-Con has evolved over the years, and in its 15th year the convention shows no sign of slowing down. This was my fifth time attending and I brought along a friend who hadn’t been before — I wanted to show him how things were done in the Pacific Northwest since he’s invited me down to a few conventions in Texas. I kept telling him how much I enjoyed Sakura-Con and that he would too. Needless to say, he did. Sakura-Con was held over the Easter weekend, April 6th though 8th, 2012 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in downtown Seattle, Washington. Read the rest of this article…

Sakura-Con 2012 in pictures

Frederick Linsmeyer • April 9, 2012 • In Pictures

It was a bright and sunny Easter weekend which means one thing: Sakura-Con! And with Sakura-Con comes all the colourful costumes that flood Seattle with their dazzling detail  and creativity. There are over 200 photos from the convention, so take a look around!

Misa Amane A cosplayer at Sakura-Con 2012 A surprised Gaara

The Dark Magician Minish Cap Link Tsuna

The complete collection can be found online on Gallery.

Sakura-Con 2012 changes

Frederick Linsmeyer • March 22, 2012 • Conventions

Over the years, Sakura-Con has increased in size and while the Washington State Convention and Trade Center is a large venue, it’s starting to show its limitations. In 2011, 19,040 people attended and that number is only going to keep on climbing.

This year, Sakura-Con has made some changes to maximize on the convention centre space and to improve the overall con experience.

  • Individual dates can no longer be purchased for the convention — only full weekend (three-day) badges are available. Details behind this decision are available on the Sakura-Con Message Boards.
  • Registration has relocated to the first floor of the Grand Hyatt Seattle Hotel. The hotel is one block north of the Washington State Convention and Trade Center at 721 Pine Street, Seattle, Washington.
  • Pre-registration badge pick-up has relocated to the third floor of The Conference Center, a part of the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, on the corner of Pike Street and 8thAvenue. Pre-registration opens early at 12:00 pm PDT and closes at 9:00 pm PDT on Thursday, April 5th, 2012.
  • Artists Alley has moved! It is now in the space that was occupied by registration in previous years. It will be next to the Exhibitors hall on the fourth floor over the Pike Street sky bridge.

Sakura-Con will take place on the Easter Weekend, April 6th – 8th, 2012 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center.

Sakura-Con 2011

Frederick Linsmeyer • April 26, 2011 • Conventions

With another Sakura-Con behind us, it’s time to reflect and remember how many Japanese cartoons one can cram into a three day weekend. Quite a bit, actually. This time around, I selected a hotel closer to the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, the Seattle Sheraton, primarily because it was really close (across the street) and had a slightly cheaper room rate. So here it is, my fourth Sakura-Con. Photos, as always, are available on Gallery. Read the rest of this article…

Sakura-Con 2010

Frederick Linsmeyer • April 5, 2010 • Conventions
Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife in all his 32-bit glory

Fans of Japanese culture converged on Seattle’s Washington State Convention and Trade Center over the Easter weekend for Sakura-Con 2010 to celebrate all things related to anime, manga and gaming. Sakura-Con has been a mainstay in the Pacific Northwest for the past thirteen years, drawing in attendees from not only Washington, but Oregon, Idaho, California, Montana, British Columbia and Alberta.

The convention this year was well organized and had a variety of events, panels, exhibitors, artists and video rooms. Con-goers were treated to concerts and even an exclusive premiere of the latest Trigun movie, Badlands Rumble, which is scheduled for in Japan later this month. There was also the long line of respectable guests, including voice actors, artists, musicians and industry personnel.
One feature that I thought was pretty neat, was providing special wristbands to attendees who had booked rooms at con-approved hotels. These wristbands granted priority seating for concerts and additional privileges.

The trip into Seattle wasn’t eventful, thankfully. Our group arrived shortly after 8:30 pm on Thursday evening, giving us a half hour to park at the hotel and bolt for the convention centre to claim our pre-registration badges. Fortunately, we got in just as last few people were being admitted, so we were pretty lucky. We returned to the hotel to check in and unpack our costumes and prepare for Friday morning.

Naruto family

A family of Naruto fans!

I returned to the convention on Friday morning ahead of the rest of my friends who had elected to stay back and add some finishing touches to their outfits.
Unfortunately, one member of our group wasn’t able to pre-register online, and had to stand in line to get their badge. This turned out to be a five hour wait for him (which for a convention of Sakura-Con’s size, we hoped to have been much less).
While he stood in line, I wandered around for a bit, snapping photographs, having my picture taken, and running into other people that I’ve met at previous conventions (or work). There were lots of amazing costumes and it was great to see every one dressed up as their favourite characters. My friends arrived later; two of them dressed as Fire Nation Soldiers and as Toph, from Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender.

After a brief photo-shoot outside (in between the rain and light snow), we made our way indoors to one of the panels featuring a number of voice actors: Todd Haberkorn, Richard Epcar, Brina Palencia, Luci Christian, Kent Williams, Chris Patton and Wendy Powell. The group fielded all sorts of questions regarding the voice acting industry in North America, and even provided valuable tips and suggestions for those looking to get their foot in the door.

I checked out the exhibition hall later on, where there were rows upon rows of purveyors of anything and everything related to anime. Lots of booths with vendors hawking figures straight from Japan along with DVDs, books, doujinshi, manga, pillows, shirts, energy drinks, Pocky, katanas, kimonos and much, much more.

Various forms of Sora

Various forms of Sora from Kingdom Hearts

After dinner and some rest, I returned to the convention centre to partake in some of the late night panels, particularly “Chris Patton Shares Too Much” at the suggestion of another friend. The name is pretty accurate, as voice actor Chris Patton, does indeed share too much, and it’s quite entertaining. However, like most late night panels, it is restricted to adults, and we were asked to produce identification upon entering.
My friends wandered off after Chris’ panel and checked out the Anime Swimsuit Contest and the Adult Anime Dating Game, but weren’t too impressed with the organization of both events.

Saturday was a good day, minus the schizophrenic weather. As per our tradition of visiting Sakura-Con, it’s not quite complete with a brief stop at the amazing Pike Street Market in costume (and venturing into the ever-so busy first Starbucks store).

Upon returning to the hotel to drop off my purchases, I encountered a full gathering of the Power Rangers, complete with Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd in the lobby. Pretty freakin’ epic, I must say.

Viral vs Yoko

Two Virals versus a bunch of Yokos

I knew there was a Naruto photo-shoot on Saturday at 2:30 pm (thanks to a fellow attendee staying in the same hotel), but wasn’t sure where it was being held (I’ve been to maybe one Naruto photo-shoot in all of the conventions I’ve attended – such luck). Since the weather had been fair for a few hours, everyone had massed outside in Freeway Park above the I-5 freeway where I caught the last remnants of the Naruto shoot as they were departing. I seem to run into almost every other photo-shoot except the ones I want to participate in, but maybe next time.

I made my way back in and rejoined my friends (who, ironically were amassing for an Avatar photo-shoot) after grabbing some shots from the Gurren Lagann and Bleach gatherings.

Yuusuke and Meg

Yuusuke and Meg of HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR performing on stage

Later in the evening, a few of us made our way into the main stage for the concert featuring Dazzle Vision and HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR.
Dazzle Vision is an indie Japanese band, which is much harder than most J-rock bands, utilizing alternating vocals and heavier guitar playing. Dazzle Vision involves Maiko as the vocalist, Yu on guitars, Haru on drums and Takuro on bass.
J-rock band, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, is noted for their dual vocalists, Halca and Yuusuke, and their heavy sound. In addition to Halca and Yuusuke, Kazuto is on lead guitar, with Meg on the rhythm guitar, Mackaz on bass and Sassy on drums. HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR finished off their performance with the third opening to Bleach, Ichirin no Hana.
The concert was pretty intense, complete with crowd surfing and a mini mosh pit. I hadn’t seen anything like this since Black Label Society was at the Commodore Ballroom five years ago. It was a great experience to see these two bands from Japan live on stage.

Sunday was much quieter as con-goers packed up and prepared to head back home. All that was left was the Exhibitors, autograph sessions and a concert by Hsu-nami. Unfortunately, we didn’t stay too long on the last day since our group had to return to our individual homes before early evening.

Overall, Sakura-Con 2010 was pretty amazing and well done. Aside from a few missteps in the planning of some events, it was a great convention. I look forward to returning in 2011, when the convention is scheduled for the weekend of April 22nd – 24th.

Photographs from Sakura-Con 2010 are available on Gallery.

Sakura-Con 2010 preview

Frederick Linsmeyer • March 28, 2010 • Conventions
Sakura-con 2009

You know you want to be here!

If you’re in the Seattle area this Easter weekend, stop by Sakura-Con, the Pacific Northwest’s premiere anime, manga and Japanese cultural convention.

Japanese rock band, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, along with the indie group Dazzle Vision will perform for their fans for the first time in North America. Mai Kadowaki, Yutaka Minowa, Todd Haberkorn, Chris Patton, Satoshi Nishimura, are just some of the amazing guests lined up for the 13th incarnation of Sakura-con.

Of course, there will be plenty of interactive panels, video and game rooms, a large artist’s alley and exhibition hall and of course cosplay!

Sakura-Con runs from April 2nd to 4th at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in downtown Seattle.

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