Skateboards, anime style!

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It’s no surprise that popular anime series have inspired various styles of merchandise, but skateboards? Yes, there are boards out on the street with a ninja design or a monster.

Naruto skateboard deck
Naruto skateboard deck

Viz Media had 400 custom-made, limited edition Naruto skateboard decks available for sale on their web site. Of the 400 boards manufactured, 200 were a yellowish base highlighted by an outline of Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi with “NARUTO” written in the top corner. The remaining 200 featured Gaara in a stance on a brick red background along with his name in the corner.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! craze also spurred a variety of skateboards that featured the main character Yugi Mutou with a few creatures from his card deck. These decks (no pun intended) also came with their own trucks and wheels, with the latter often displaying the logo from the series along the edges.

There are a few other series that have boards out there, including Digimon, Bakugan and Pokemon. Just remember that these decks are aimed at a younger generation and may not stand up to the tricks of more serious riders.

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