Make your hair stand out with Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax

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Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax
Achieve hair like no other Super Saiyan!

Can’t get your hair to stand up like Goku’s with your average spray? Go from your regular look into Super Saiyan mode with Creer Beaute’s Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax.

This styling product comes in three grades: natural (3), hard (5) and ultra hard (7). As an added bonus, the container is in the shape of a Dragon Ball, complete with stars that correspond to the product’s grade.

Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax is going for ¥980 JPY (or $10.23 CAD) each. If you’re from Japan, there’s a promotion running between September 20th – December 19th, 2013 where you can be entered into a draw for a Cubic Theater Dragon Ball Z collection, limited edition Dragon Ball Z DVD box set and figures. Contest details and regulations are available on the Creer Beaute web site.

Source: Natalie, Creer Beaute

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