Attack on Titan footwear from UBIQ

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Now you can join the ranks of the Survey Corps from Attack on Titan with stylish pair of hightops! UBIQ has created a limited edition pair of Converse Chuck Taylor look-alikes based on the designs of the jackets worn in the hit manga and animated series.

The shoes are very simple in appearance: they have a white rubber outsole with beige canvas upper and a deep green interior. The sides feature an embroidered mini-pocket that fastens with a metal button and are screen-printed with the Survey Corps emblem. Each pair comes with thick black laces. Men’s sizes are available between 25 to 29 cm (US sizes 4 to 11) while women’s sizes are 22 to 24 cm (US sizes 6 to 8).

UBIQ Survey Corps Sneakers Survey Corps logo UBIQ Survey Corps Sneakers

Reservations for UBIQ’s Survey Corps sneakers can only be made online through 2PMWORKS in Japan until December 26th, 2013, or until stock runs out. Each pair retails for ¥10,290 JPY (approximately $105.20 CAD).

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