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Square Enix reveals Final Fantasy VII Remake opening cinematic

With just over a month and a half to go before Final Fantasy VII Remake becomes available, Square Enix uploaded the opening movie to the game on their YouTube channel.

The video starts differently than the original 1997 title, where under a blazing sun, a bird glides over a desolate wasteland before descending into the cloud-covered Midgar. The metropolis is bustling with residents going about their business, roads under construction, and kids enjoying their time in a familiar playground all under the eerie neon glow of the city’s Mako reactors towering above. The scene then cuts to late night where Aerith is praying at a small fountain of the planet’s lifestream before the scene transitions into the sequence we’ve all come to remember as the camera pans out to the massive Shinra Electric Power headquarters. The camera zooms in on a speeding train, and as the massive locomotive grinds to a halt, the members of Avalanche disembark and the game begins..

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available only for the PlayStation 4 on April 10th, 2020.

Source: YouTube

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