With the waves down on Qualicum Beach

While I was on Vancouver Island this past weekend, I took my new Nikon D610 down to the beach to see if I could get used to the controls and finally break it in. Even though the D610 is an FX format camera, my older 55-300mm DX format zoom lens worked quite well, even with the crop factor.

Qualicum Beach

This wave breaking over a lone log on the stony shores of Qualicum Beach turned out really well and required some patience to capture; no tripod was used. ISO was set at 200, with the aperture at f/6.3 and an exposure of 1/4000 of a second (it was quite bright out). I did some light post-processing in Adobe Photoshop using the Color Efex Pro module from Nik Collection to bring out the colour and details of the scene.

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