Mass for the Dead

Pre-registration opens for Mass for the Dead from Crunchyroll Games

Today, Crunchyroll Games announced that pre-registration has now opened for Mass for the Dead, a new isekai dark fantasy mobile RPG.

Modeled upon the popular anime Overlord, Mass for the Dead uses turn-based command battles, with capture quests, double-speed and auto-mode options when fighting enemies. Grab a few friends to take advantage of in-game competitions and tournaments.

Players who pre-register will receive in-game rewards; bonuses like chaotic stones, which will increase in relation to the number of pre-registrations, to a maximum of 10,000, for use in summoning characters from Overlord.

Mass for the Dead is only available in North America, Oceania, and Europe (including the United Kingdom) and will launch later this year on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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