"Hero too" by A BAND

Watch U.A. High School Class 1-A perform their hit song “Hero too”

With season four of My Hero Academia coming to an end, the excitement that was U.A. High School’s festival was capped off with a performance of the song “Hero too” by Class 1-A’s A BAND.

Toho Animation uploaded the video of the song to their YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy.

Kyoka Jiro, who’s quirk headphone jack allows her to tap into any object and listen for sounds, takes the lead on bass and vocals; is voiced by Chrissy Costanza. A BAND’s line-up includes Momo Yaoyorozu on keyboards, Denki Kaminari on guitar, Tokoyami Fumikage on guitar and Katsuki Bakugo on drums.

Lyrics were written by Ayapeta, with Yuki Hayashi as composer. Dance choreography was done by air:man.

Editor’s Note:
The song “Hero too”, along with the rest of the soundtrack, is available for purchase on Apple Music/iTunes.

Source: YouTube

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