Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC

Animal Crossing update adds new greenery, expands the museum, and more!

Nintendo is packing up a bunch of new free updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the first of which becomes available on Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 according to a video uploaded to YouTube this morning.

This update sees the return of two characters, additional greenery and an expansion to the museum.

Leif, the gardening sloth, brings his cart brimming with shrubbery and seedlings to beautify players islands. This includes hedges for making that garden a little more greener.

Jolly Redd will dock his Treasure Trawler on the island’s remote north beach on random days. With his hold bursting with works of art, players can purchase to decorate their home or museum. Beware, as there may be some forgeries on board…

Nature Day runs April 23rd through May 4th adds new objectives for earning Nook Miles, including planting shrubs and watering flowers.

May Day runs May 1st through May 7th where residents can redeem a May Day Ticket for a tour on a new island. There’s plenty of challenges and tasks at hand for this trip!

Collect stamps for International Museum Day, which spans May 18th through 31st. Spotting certain fish, insects or fossils earns stamps towards in-game rewards.

The entire month of June is Wedding Season, and players can visit Harvey’s Island to celebrate the marriage of Reese and Cyrus (who first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf). Collect wedding-themed items for helping take their photos.

Source: YouTube

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