Mini donuts at the PNE

Drive up for donuts this weekend at the PNE

While there may not be a PNE this year, that won’t stop those delightfully delicious mini donuts the fair is famous for from being served. This weekend, grab your tickets online and hop in your car for those little bags packed with the fried treat.

A Taste of the PNE – Mini Donut Edition is open 1:00 pm thru 7:00 pm until Sunday, May 24th, 2020. Today was the first of the three-day event, and was a huge success, seeing vehicles back out onto Hasting Street. Tickets are required before lining up and there are two options to choose from. A pack of 24 donuts costs $20.00 CAD, while the larger package of 48 donuts is $35.00 CAD.

Each package includes donuts from Tin Lizzy Donuts, Those Little Donuts, CinCity Donuts and the PNE Fundunkers.

Worry not, the PNE is looking at bringing more food-based options in the coming weeks and months.

Editor’s Note:
Due to its popularity, the event is being extended into Monday, May 25th.

Sources: PNE, CTV

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