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Japanese police formally arrest Kyoto Animation arsonist

On Tuesday, May 26th, Japanese police formally arrested the suspect who attacked a Kyoto Animation studio, setting it on fire causing the deaths of 36 people, and injuring 33 others in July 2019.

The 42-year old man, who we’ve declined to name, was in hospital since the incident, undergoing treatment for his injuries, including burns to most of his body. Authorities were initially unable to make an arrest, due to his medical condition.

The suspect had reportedly submitted two written novels to Kyoto Animation as part of a contest, but were not used by the animation company, later claiming the company had stolen them from him, according to NHK World.

In retaliation, the suspect gained entry to the studio during business hours, poured gasoline inside the building and set it on fire.

The damaged studio was demolished earlier this year.

Source: NHK World

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