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Shaman King anime to return in 2021

The manga series Shaman King by Hiroyuki Takei is getting a new anime series starting April 2021 according to a new web site and promotional video shared to YouTube.

Yoh Asakura, is an aspiring shaman, with dreams of becoming the one true Shaman King. But Yoh needs to win the Shaman Fight, a ruthless battle between other shamans, who each want the title for themselves. With training from his fiancee, Anna, Yoh and his spirit partner Amidamaru are off on a gruelling quest against some of the most powerful shamans in the world drawn to this once in a life time event.

Shaman King was adapted into an anime in 2001-2002, only running for 64 episodes. It was shown in the United States on FoxBox dubbed in English under a license from 4Kids Entertainment where it was heavily edited.

Since Kodansha has acquired the rights to the manga from Shueisha in December 2017, all 35 volumes of Shaman King are being converted into an anime that will begin airing April 2021. Kodansha is also re-publishing the manga both digitally and in print.

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