Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Update

Summer updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrives July 3

Splash into summer with the first of two new free updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch as shown in a new video on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

In this update, players can don diving suits and submerge in the shallows around their island. The waters are teaming with new creatures to catch. Pascal, the traveling otter, is on the lookout for scallops. Divers who retrieve them from the seafloor are rewarded with DIY instructions for mermaid-themed items.

Gulliver is also in on the update and will make future appearances on the beach in a vibrant pirate outfit. As usual, when helped out, Gulliver will compensate the player with some rare treasures.

This update becomes available on Friday, July 3rd, 2020. A second update is expected sometime in August.

Source: Nintendo

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