Lego Nintendo Entertainment System

Lego lets gamers build their own NES

The partnership between Lego and Nintendo was first revealed earlier this year with an interactive Super Mario set. Now, it’s moved up to the next level with a replicate of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and a classic television.

This is a brick-by-brick, 2,646 bricks to be exact, recreation of the classic Nintendo console, complete with a Super Mario Bros. Game Pak, controller, and a 1980’s wood-panelled television. The Lego set is incredibly detailed even going as far to replicate a functional front cover to accept the Game Pak, complete with a working locking mechanism. The television itself includes a screen from Super Mario Bros. that can interact with the digital Mario figure (sold separately).

The Lego Nintendo Entertainment System goes on sale on the Lego web site and in the toy company’s retail stores Saturday, August 1st, 2020 for $299.99 CAD ($229.99 USD).

Source: Lego

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