Animal Crossing: New Horizons summer update two

Nintendo adds cloud save feature, new summer activities to Animal Crossing

Nintendo has started rolling out the second summer update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. This update includes fireworks on Sunday evenings, the ability to visit friend’s islands in dreams, and cloud save feature to back up game saves to the Internet.

Every Sunday evening in August, at 7:00 pm, fireworks will light up the skies over the island. Redd returns with a kiosk in the plaza where players can buy tickets for festive items, and to use custom patterns for their own pyrotechnics.

Players who nap in any bed on their island can call up Luna the tapir to visit islands in a dream-like state. Visiting these islands, the player can do anything, but like any dream, it’s not reality. Changes made aren’t permanent.

There’s now the ability to save their game data to the cloud. Players who have a paid Nintendo Switch Online account will have the game automatically upload their save files at regular intervals to the Internet. However, if the player’s own Nintendo Switch console is lost or damaged, they will need to contact Nintendo’s customer service to restore the data to a new system. A new feature to transfer save game data to another Switch is in the works and expected later this year.

Source: Nintendo media release

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