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Seattle’s new NHL team name comes from the deep sea

Earlier today the newest team to join the NHL finally revealed their name, one that was dredged from the depths of the ocean and familiar to those of seafaring lore: the Seattle Kraken.

The announcement was made at the team’s under construction facility with an opening video made with scenes from around the Emerald City and of their previous hockey franchise, the Seattle Metropolitans.

Seattle’s logo is a stylized letter “S” in the profile of the legendary kraken, with a glowing red eye and silhouette of a tentacle. An alternate logo is that of an anchor with the shank in the shape of the Space Needle, another Seattle icon. Both emblems are done in shades of blue to reflect the water theme: deep sea blue, ice blue, boundless blue, and shadow blue; a red alert colour is used for the eye, according to the official web site.

It’s expected there to be a strong rivalry with the Vancouver Canucks, just two hours north. Vancouver’s logo is that of an orca jumping from the water; so there’s no shortage of nautical jabs between these two clubs.

Seattle’s arrival makes it the 32nd team in the NHL and are to begin playing in the 2021-2022 season.

Sources: Twitter, Seattle Kraken

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