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Yen Press announces volume one of Bestia

The first volume of Bestia is now available from Yen Press. With a story by Makoto Sanda and artwork by Miyakokasiwa and Aco Arisaka, it introduces Asuka Tsukasa who has recently arrived in London, enters a world of enchantment, and is caught up with an attractive girl who happens to be half-beast.

Cover artwork for the first volume of Bestia.

Harbouring a fear of animals, Asuka Tsukasa makes his way to London to look for his mother. However, his search is made harder due to city’s affinity for dogs. Persuaded to join a secret organization, Asuka finds the group aims to bridge the gaps between the city’s human and beast population and vows to defend it from those who go astray. A smiling girl from his dreams turns out to be real enough, but their meeting is more than it seems.

Volume one of the manga Bestia by Makoto Sanda, Miyakokasiwa and Aco Arisaka, went on sale in North America from Yen Press on June 25th, 2020.

Source: Yen Press press release

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