SuperGroupies Kingdom Hearts III footwear

Japanese fashion brand to release Kingdom Hearts III themed footwear

Japanese fashion brand SuperGroupies has announced a line-up of boots based on characters from the popular video game from Square Enix and Disney Kingdom Hearts III.

Rather than go for the exaggerated styles used in the game, SuperGroupies has selected a more refined look, using the colours and styles of Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas and Axel to define the boots.

For Sora, the theme uses the colours of his outfit, blacks, greys and reds. The insole has a pattern of the Kingdom Key, paopu fruit, crowns, hearts, and the Gummi Phone. A strap adorns the middle for an adjustable fit and security.

Riku’s design focuses on his silver, indigo and black, with his winged keyblade the Way to the Dawn, paopu fruit, hearts and heartless emblems emblazoned on the insole.

Kairi’s pair is simple, yet elegant as a high-heeled boot, pink strap and insole with Destiny’s Embrace, stars, Thalassa shells, hearts and a notepad.

The trendy Roxas features an ivory-coloured sole, red stitching, slate grey and black leather upper with a burgundy strap. The insole pattern has images of the keyblades Oblivion and Oathkeeper, sea salt ice cream, and the Organization XIII logo.

Axel’s boot has a high heel, zippered enclosure and a chain to emulate the cloak he wears as a member of Organization XIII. With a crimson trim on top, the insole shows off his fiery chakram Eternal Flame, sea salt ice cream, the Organization XIII logo and his eternal flame motif.

The pairs have a price of ¥16,800 JPY (about $206.79 CAD), except for Axel’s pair which is ¥18,800 JPY, and are expected to ship mid-January 2021.

Kingdom Hearts III was released on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in January 2019.

Source: SuperGroupies

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