Xbox Series S

Microsoft announces all-digital Xbox Series S, and prices

Microsoft has unveiled a smaller, digital-only version of its next generation console named the Xbox Series S – assuming the “S” means small. This unit will retail in Canada at $379.99 CAD while the larger Xbox Series X will go for $599.99 CAD.

In a video shared on social media and YouTube, specs for this scaled down Xbox Series X includes video resolution running 1140p at 120 fps with DirectX raytraching, variable rate shading, and variable refresh rate. There’s “ultra-low latency” utilizing a custom 512GB internal SSD. Media playback from streaming services or games can be upscaled to output at 4K.

The Xbox Series S is distinct in appearance, looking like a thin white speaker, as opposed to the large black box of the Xbox Series X. The smaller size denotes the missing optical drive which means games or media are only available over an internet connection.

The Xbox Series S launches on Tuesday, November 20th, 2020.

Editor’s note:
The Xbox Series X console will retail at $599.99 CAD in Canada according to a Tweet from @XboxCanada.

Sources: YouTube, Twitter

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