Shaman King

Teaser for Shaman King anime relaunch released

Yesterday, a short video promoting the upcoming reboot of the Shaman King anime was uploaded to King Amusement’s YouTube channel.

In the video, shaman Yoh Asakura is seen with his guardian spirit Amidamarou, and Anna Kyouyama as they face down the spirit of Hao in battle.

Shaman King is expected to being airing on TV Tokyo in April 2021 according to the video.

Shaman King is based on the manga of the same name by Hiroyuki Takei first published in June 1998; the anime followed in July 2001. Kodansha acquired the rights to the manga from Shueisha in December 2017 and intends to republish it in print and digitally.

Sources: Twitter, YouTube

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