TransLink Burnaby Mountain Gondola

TransLink wants public input on Burnaby Mountain Gondola

TransLink is asking for the public’s feedback throughout September on three options for a future gondola system to connect Burnaby Mountain with Millennium Line. The transit agency wants to provide an accessible, year-round service with improved travel times to the hilltop campus for students, employees, visitors and residents.

Home to Simon Fraser University, Burnaby Mountain is accessible through a road that often is unusable in inclement weather; TransLink runs longer buses on the route which have trouble navigating the route during winter resulting in delays or outright cancellation of service.

TransLink’s has three choices where the gondola would connect with the SkyTrain system in Burnaby:

  1. Option 1: A central, direct route between Production Way–University Station with a terminal near the existing bus exchange at SFU.
  2. Option 2: An eastern route between Production Way–University Station that follows Gagliardi Way and then angles westward with a terminal near the existing bus exchange at SFU.
  3. Option 3: A western route between Lake City Way Station, across Burnaby Mountain Golf Course, then angles eastward with a terminal near South Campus Road.

A promotional video shared by TransLink touted increased capacity (more than the 25,000 passengers per day handled by existing buses), less time waiting or travelling, accessibility for those with mobility aids, integration with the SkyTrain system, and operation in less than favourable weather. Also mentioned was a lessened impact to the environment with the gondola running on electricity and a smaller foot print to preserve the mountain’s green space.

The chance to submit feedback ends on Wednesday, September 30th, 2020.

Source: TransLink

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