Crunchyroll - Onyx Equinox

Crunchyroll drops new trailer for Onyx Equinox before its release on November 21, 2020

There’s under a month to go before the first episode of Crunchyroll Originals’ newest series goes live and the world’s largest anime streaming service has just revealed a new teaser for the Mesoamerican adventure Onyx Equinox.

Just like in Aztec and Mayan lore, the trailer does include intense imagery that may not be suitable for all viewers.

Izel is a young Aztec boy and selected as a sacrifice for the gods. Fortunately for Izel, his sentence is repealed and replaced with the task to justify humanity’s worth to these same gods. Journeying across Mesoamerica as “humanity’s champion”, Izel must unite his kind before war with the heavens breaks out.

Crunchyroll is also sharing some more info on the characters in Onyx Equinox. Like most anime series, you can find out what age a character is, their blood type, height and other vital statistics. (The blood type in Japanese culture bestows specific traits and identity of the person).

Izel (pronounced eats – zell) is humanity’s last hope against the gods.

  • Sun Sign: Pisces
  • Birthday: March 13th
  • Height: 5’1″
  • Blood Type: O

Zyanya (pronounced ziannia)a warrior who looks to rebuild her home town that was destroyed.

  • Sun Sign: Virgo
  • Birthday: September 4th
  • Height: 5’10
  • Blood Type: A

Xanastaku (pronounced sha – NAS – tah – coo) a priestess out for redemption and accompanies Izel on his journey.

  • Sun Sign: Scorpio
  • Birthday: November 10th
  • Height: 5’4″
  • Blood Type: A

Yun (pronounced june) is K’in’s more individualistic and provides Izel’s group with the emotional support needed on their quest.

  • Sun Sign: Gemini
  • Birthday: June 6th
  • Height: 5’7″
  • Blood Type: AB

K’in (pronounced kinn) is Yun’s twin who pushes the limits with his pranks, much to the chagrin of the group.

  • Sun Sign: Gemini
  • Birthday: June 6th
  • Height: 5’7″
  • Blood Type: AB
Onyx Equinox - Izel with K'i'ik
Izel wields K’i’ik in a scene from the Crunchyroll Original series Onyx Equinox. Image from Crunchyroll.

The voice cast for the series features a large selection from the Latinx community, including the showrunner and creator Sofia Alexander.

  • Olivia Brown as Izel
  • Sofia Alexander as Nelli, K’i’ik, and Meque
  • Alejandro Vargas-Lugo as Yaotl
  • Carolina Ravassa as Zyanya
  • Patrick Pedrazza as Yun
  • Juan Arturo Maldonado as K’in
  • Kimberly Woods as Xanastaku
  • Arin Hanson as Tezcatlipoca
  • Fayna Sanchez as The Healer
  • Castulo Guerra as Mictlantecuhtli
  • Zeus Mendoza as Quetzalcoatl

Onyx Equinox begins airing on Saturday, November 21st, 2020 and is only on Crunchyroll. In addition to being broadcast in English, fans can enjoy this adventure dubbed in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German.

Source: Crunchyroll media release

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