Good Smile Company Itachi Uchiha Nendoroid

Good Smile Company releases two more Naruto Nendoroids

Good Smile Company’s popular Nendoroid line-up has a new addition and a re-release of one of the Naruto anime series most popular characters. Two members of the feared Akatsuki are back up for pre-orders with Deidara and Itachi Uchiha.

Deidara, the explosive artist from the Hidden Stone Village, joins the collection. Easily recognizable by his long blonde hair and the mouths in his hands used to create his clay charges, he is one to be feared. The Nendoroid figure includes the following parts:

  • Front and back hair parts
  • Three face plates
  • Three right arm parts
  • Two right hand pards
  • Three left arm parts
  • One left hand part
  • Hand seal hand
  • Two right leg parts
  • Two left leg parts
  • Explosion part
  • Clay bird part

Good Smile Company is also returning Itachi Uchiha, giving fans another chance at nabbing this legendary ninja who first was released in 2018. The elder brother of Sasuke, Itachi is behind his clan’s massacre and now works with the Akatsuki as they gather the tailed beasts spread across the shinobi world. Itachi will include the below parts:

  • Front and back hair parts
  • Three face plates
  • One right shoulder par
  • Two right arm parts
  • One right hand part
  • One left shoulder part
  • One left arm part
  • One left hand part
  • Hand seal part
  • One right leg part
  • One left leg part
  • Akatsuki cloak
  • Black flame effect part
  • Susanoo background sheet

Deidara has a suggested price of ¥5,273 JPY (approximately $66.40 CAD) and is expected in June 2021. Itachi will cost ¥4,545 JPY (approximately $57.23 CAD) and also will release in June 2021.

Source: Good Smile Company

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