New apparel line released between Naruto and Hello Kitty

We know that Hello Kitty is a human, but we didn’t know is that she’s a ninja, too! A new partnership between Sanrio’s cute cat and her friends and the shinobi of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto brings all sorts of clothing items to Hot Topic and BoxLunch stores, as well as Sanrio’s own shops.

Hello Kitty x Naruto collaboration
An image of t-shirts featuring the Hello Kitty x Naruto collaboration. Image from Sanrio.

The styles include a variety of tops for men and women, skirts, pants and accessories decorated with images of Hello Kitty as Naruto Uzumaki, My Melody as Sakura Haruno, Pochacco as Kakashi Hatake, Chococat as Sasuke Uchiha and Badtz-Maru as Itachi Uchiha

This collaboration comes on the cusp of 20th anniversary of the Naruto manga being published in Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump.

Hot Topic has stores in Canada and the United States, but only BoxLunch has physical locations in the United States. Both retailers ship to Canada.

Source: Sanrio

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