Primitive Skateboarding x Naruto Shippuden

Primitive Skateboarding expands Naruto line-up

Late last year, Primitive Skateboarding released a collaboration with Naruto Shippuden as part of the series 20th anniversary. A promotional email went out Monday evening giving a sneak peak into this third drop which goes live on October 14th, 2020 at 9:00 pm PDT.

Primitive x Naruto Shippuden promotional art
Primitive x Naruto Shippuden promotional art featuring Nagato.

The teaser included an Akatsuki themed jacket, a long-sleeved shirt decorated with an image of Obito’s transformation into his jinchuriki mode, and a hoodie with Naruto in his Sage of Six Path’s form. There’s also expectation of hard goods including skateboard decks in addition to the apparel.

The Primitive Skateboarding x Naruto Shippuden collaboration is available through their online store and at skate shops, like Zumiez.

Primitive Skateboarding recently released lines in conjunction with Dragon Ball Super and Sailor Moon.

Source: Primitive Skateboarding

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