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Crunchyroll to share all Onyx Equinox episodes

The elves at Crunchyroll are hard at work, preparing the the remaining six episodes of their hit series Onyx Equinox for simultaneous release on December 26th, 2020 as a late gift to anime fans.

In addition to English, episodes six through 12 are also being dubbed into Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German.

Izel is a young Aztec boy and selected as a sacrifice for the gods. Fortunately for Izel, his sentence is repealed and replaced with the task to justify humanity’s worth to these same gods. Journeying across Mesoamerica as “humanity’s champion”, Izel must unite his kind before war with the heavens breaks out.

Crunchyroll also put together a video hosted by Dulce Beng and Ryuyin Ovi to further explore the world within Onyx Equinox and discover five new things about the show and the mythology it’s based on.

Can’t get enough Onyx Equinox? Tune into the podcast from series creator and showrunner Sofia Alexander and select members of the staff as they share their inspirations and processes that go into making Onyx Equinox.

Source: Crunchyroll media release

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