My Hero Academia chapter 306

Is the My hero Academia manga nearing the end?

Is Kohei Horikoshi’s manga My Hero Academia reaching its climax? The most recent chapter, based on its title at least, signals this could be the peak of the story before it concludes.

The following contains spoiler content if you’re not caught up on the My Hero Academia manga.

The whole premise of My Hero Academia is about the students of U.A. High School’s class 1-A in their journey to become professional heroes. In the modern world, most of the global population wield unique abilities called “quirks”, with some who use this power to do good, while others use it to cause harm. Much of the story has involved the students and their activities during their attendance at U.A. High School, until now.

Chapter 306, which is available on Viz Media’s web site, has taken its avid readers by surprise and for good measure. Following a public inquiry over a failed raid against the Paranormal Liberation Front, the loveable green-haired protagonist Izuku “Deku” Midoriya has made a decision on his future, which sees him depart U.A. High School and its hero program.

Artwork shows Deku, months after recovery, standing on the ledge of a tower with a city under siege in the background. Wearing a modified version of Costume Gamma, his determined gaze is fixated on his next plan of action.

The title “The Final Act Begins” could mean the manga is reaching its peak. With Tomura Shigaraki still on the loose, Deku appears out on his own to finally bring the leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front to justice.

Chapter 307 releases on Sunday, March 28th, 2021 and will be available to read online through Viz Media.

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