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Adidas to partner with Microsoft for Xbox sneakers

Fresh off the heel that Sony and Nike are dropping PlayStation 5-themed sneakers this month, Microsoft and Adidas are working together on releasing at least four pairs of Xbox-branded kicks, according to media website Complex.

It’s not an official announcement, but designs were seen by staff from Complex which outlines three pairs; the Forum Tech Boost which supposedly goes on sale this June, then with the Retro Forum Mid in October and finally the Forum Tech in November. Additional pairs are planned for 2022. Specific dates were not mentioned.

An image of the Adidas x Xbox Forum Tech Boost. From Adidas / Complex

The sneakers will feature the colours of the Xbox consoles over the years: black, white and green. Images for the Forum Tech Boost (pictured above) place the console’s emblem near the collar and include spare neon-green laces. Each pair comes in a black and green box with the Xbox logo.

Pricing on how much each of these new shoes will retail for was not revealed.

Source: Complex

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