Hikaru no Go

Good Smile Company reveals Hikaru no Go Nendoroids

Wonderful Hobby Life For You!!, shortened to WonHobby, is an event showcasing upcoming product lines from figure makers Good Smile Company and Max Factory. Among the multitude of images shared by the US Twitter account for Good Smile Company are two Nendoroid figures from manga Hikaru no Go.

Conceptual artwork shows two Nendoroids from Hikaru no Go: the student Hikaru Shindo and the Go master Fujiwara-no-Sai. No other details were shared regarding accessories, pricing, or availability.

While at his grandfather’s house, a young Hikaru Shindo discovers long-forgotten Go board that’s haunted by the spirit of Fujiwara-no-Sai, a deceased master of the board game from Japan’s Heian period. At first uninterested in fulfilling Sai’s desire to play Go, Hikaru eventually warms up to the spirit and finds himself challenging the top players in Japan, South Korea and China.

Hikaru no Go Nendoroids
The Nendoroids of Fujiwara-no-Sai (left) and Hikaru Shindo (right) from Hikaru no Go. Image from WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!!.

Hikaru no Go, written by Yumi Hotta and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, was initially serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump and published in 23 volumes between January 8th, 1999 and July 14th, 2003. Halfway through printing, the manga was transformed into a 75-episode anime by Studio Pierrot and broadcast on TV Tokyo from October 10th, 2001 to March 26th, 2003. Viz Media licensed the manga and anime in North America.

Good Smile Company is a Japanese manufacturer and retailer of miniature plastic figures based on popular anime, manga and video games. The Nendoroid line features characters with oversized heads on tiny bodies, referred to in Japanese as “chibi” (or “short” in English).

Source: Twitter, WonHobby

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