PNE Playland Wooden Roller Coaster

There could be a PNE for 2021

With British Columbia slowly starting to reopen based on the provincial announcement earlier this week, an icon of Vancouver summer is a possibility, albeit on a smaller scale this year.

The Pacific National Exhibition could happen later this summer, in the weeks leading up to BC’s plan of a full restoration of social events by September 7th. The PNE usually runs in the two weeks before Labour Day in September.

It’s welcome news for the century-old fair which saw mounting costs caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. PNE organizers had sounded the alarm that the summertime festival which includes rides, live music, food, and performances from local and international guests, would not make it past this year without significant financial support. According to the CBC, the PNE needs almost $8 million CAD to stay afloat.

Playland, the ride portion of Hastings Park, originally planned to open up earlier this month, but pushed the opening date back in response to fears it would allow people to travel from within the province. Recreational travel within BC is prohibited until June 15th by a provincial health order.

It’s expected when Playland and the PNE welcome guests back masks will be required along with social distancing and reduced capacity in the park and on rides.

Further details regarding when the fair would start and entertainment options are expected soon.

Sources: Twitter, CBC

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