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TransLink asks for input on future of transportation in Metro Vancouver

As Metro Vancouver grows, TransLink is once again asking for input to help guide the agency as it proceeds with the Transport 2050 plan.

Divided into three phases, the second, current, phase includes a survey to gather feedback if TransLink is meeting the goals outlined in the first phase (convenience, reliability, affordability, safety and comfort, and green), input on carbon-free transportation (e.g. bike lanes, pedestrian-only streets), transit infrastructure (such as grade-separated or integration with existing roadways), and autonomous vehicles.

TransLink routinely asks for input as the region evolves, especially with the population set to gain another million residents by 2050. Maintaining and supporting efficient transportation, either through bus, train, gondola, cars, bikes or self-driving vehicles, has never been greater.

The survey ends on Friday, May 14th, 2021.

Source: TransLink

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