Mitrasphere mobile game now available in Europe, Australasia, North and South America

The wait is over! Fans in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North and South America can now enjoy Mitrasphere which launched on Monday, June 29th, 2021 for both Android and iOS devices. Over 100,000 people pre-registered for this release.

The game is set in a fantastical world where the sky is an ocean, where crystals sprinkle down from a mystical tree and transform the lives of its residents, for good or bad.

Play with up to five friends in co-operative mode to take on beastly bosses for legendary item drops.

Mitrasphere has multiple modes for exciting play. In Main Story, progress through the narrative in its many chapters to explore the Mitrasphere. Boss Battles pits teams of players against fearsome foes carrying legendary rewards just ripe for the taking. The Ancient Raids requires players to don their best equipment and rally with friends to conquer challenges like never before. Events features new quests and missions to acquire special gear or have fun with friends and global fans.

Completely alter your character’s appearance and give them the look you so desire in Mitrasphere.

Up to five players can participate together in Mitrasphere, collecting fabled weapons and equipment for use in intense boss battles. Beautifully illustrated with artwork of classic JRPG games, players can interact with others and take advantage of a wide range of customization and co-operative gameplay. Choose from among the five classes: Swordsman, Guardian, Cleric, Archer and Mage. Don’t fret, classes are easily changed in-game to allow players to take advantage of each types own strengths, skills and weaponry.

Pick from the five available classes: Swordsman, Guardian, Cleric, Archer and Mage.

Initially released in Japan back in 2017 from Bank of Innovation, Inc. and developer JetSynthesisMitrasphere had 800,000 people sign-up before the game was made available and has since seen installation on more than seven million devices.

Crunchyroll Games has developed (on their own and in partnership) and distributed many games tied into popular anime franchises, most recently Princess Connect!.

Source: Crunchyroll press release

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