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BC Ferries reduces fuel rebate as fuel costs increase

Taking a trip to the island is about to get a little more pricey as BC Ferries lowers the fuel rebate on fares from 1.5% to 0.5% in response to rising fuel prices.

Starting August 1st, 2021, customers will pay an extra 10 cents per adult passenger fare and 30 cents on their vehicle for major routes between Vancouver Island and Metro Vancouver, with 5 cents added for adult passengers and 20 cents for a vehicle on the inter-island routes.

The transportation company offers a rebate or surcharge depending on the price of fuel; when the cost goes down, the rebate to passengers purchasing a fare is increased. As the cost of fuel has gone up, the rebate decreases until a surcharge is applied to the fare.

BC Ferries’ fleet uses multiple fuel types, from low sulphur marine diesel, to natural gas and hybrid electricity. In a statement posted on their website, the president and CEO of BC Ferries, Mark Collins, was quoted as saying “We now have five vessels operating on liquefied natural gas, a cleaner and less expensive fuel source than the ultra-low sulphur diesel we use for our other vessels”. Additional vessels with electric batteries joining the fleet will help stabilize fuel costs that fluctuate with market prices.

Fares purchased for trips on the Port Hardy – Prince Rupert, Prince Rupert – Haida Gwaii and Port Hardy – Central Coast routes are exempt from this increase.

Source: BC Ferries

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