Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons update returns familiar faces in November 2021 update

On Friday morning, Nintendo held an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct video to showcase updates coming on November 5th, 2021 to the popular island escape game for the Nintendo Switch.

In the free update, a number of recurring characters make their returns.

Smooth like the coffee he serves, Brewster, the fan-favourite barista pigeon, is setting up shop in the museum. The Roost (pictured above) is a space for island residents and visitors to pull up chair and sip a hot cup of joe within the hallowed halls of learning.

Fans remember the silly sea shanties sung by Kapp’n as they transited between islands in previous Animal Crossing titles. Kapp’n only sails to islands not served by Dodo Airlines, so get ready to visit unique places that change with the seasons.

Returning players have lamented the absence of the robot-like Gyroids. While Lloyd makes an appearance whenever funding for a bridge or incline is required, residents missed out the musical contributions by Lloyd’s brethren. Gyroids usually are found underground after heavy rains.

Harv’s Island has new vendors as questionable purveyor of artworks Redd, wandering flooring wonder Saharah, footwear specialist Kicks, fortune teller Katrina, and the stylish stylist Harriet have setup shop. ReTail owners, Reese and Cyrus, also offer furniture customization through their workbenches.

Harvest vegetables like tomatoes, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes and carrots to cook up new dishes with DIY recipes.

For all the wonderful furniture, outfits, collectables and gifts, storage within Animal Crossing: New Horizons can get a little tight. Nook, Inc now offers an increased option, for a fee, of up to 5,000 items.

As in previous games, residents can stop by the Resident Services to enact ordineances that increase how much items are purchased for (Bell Boom ordinance), when villagers wake up and go to sleep (Early Bird and Night Owl ordinances), and how fast weeds grow (Beautiful Island ordinance).

These afore mentioned updates are the last major free download for Animal Crossing: New Horizions according to Nintendo.

The Animal Crossing: New HorizonsHappy Home Paradise paid DLC allows players to join the Paradise Planning team under the supervision of Lottie and craft vacation homes.

Work with clients to devise new designs in a resort archipelago; listen to their ideas and make it into reality. Once a location is selected, arrange the furniture and place partitions and pillars to make the space livable. Lighting and sounds add ambience to make the vacation home complete.

The work doesn’t end once the client’s move in; they will ask to have their living spaces updated as their tastes change; new furniture, new placements, and more! Then, with these skills, take them back to the main island to remodel the player’s own home and those of their neighbours.

Use amiibo cards to attract new clients, even Isabelle, Timmy and Tommy Nook!

Animal Crossing: New HorizonsHappy Home Paradise paid DLC will cost $24.99 USD; it is included as part of the twelve month Individual Membership for the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack for $49.99 USD or $79.99 USD with a twelve month Family Membership.

These DLC require the full copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Source: Nintendo press release

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