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Kingdom Hearts IV revealed in 20th anniversary video for Kingdom Hearts series

Square Enix is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts and this morning, they shared a video with an update for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road and two new games currently under development: Kingdom Hearts Missing Link and Kingdom Hearts IV. The video was originally unveiled at an event in Tokyo to commemorate this milestone for the Square Enix-Disney franchise.

While the finale for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is coming out this year, as is a closed beta for Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, no other details about Kingdom Hearts IV were shared.

In the video, Sora is seen in a city named Quadratum, based on a modern day Japanese metropolis. Since arriving seven days earlier, Sora finds himself fighting a Darkside — a massive Heartless — that’s been terrorizing the local population. While the Keyblade Hero’s outfit looks similar to what he wore in Kingdom Hearts III, fans were quick to point out his footwear has dropped in size and become more sensible (Sora’s original footwear was to emulate Mickey Mouse’s appearance).

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road and Kingdom Hearts Missing Link are both available on Android and iOS devices. It’s not certain which console Kingdom Hearts IV will appear on as it will likely take a few years before it’s officially released.

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