What is Nephrus?

Nephrus is anime. Nephrus is photography. Nephrus is Vancouver. Nephrus is hockey. Nephrus is gaming. Nephrus is manga. Nephrus is conventions. Nephrus is a lot of things, some of which you might not expect.

Why Nephrus?

Why not? Why not something unique? Why not something memorable–okay, perhaps not memorable–but definitely different then the norm. This is what separates Nephrus from everyone else.

Who is Nephrus?

Nephrus is the online presence of Frederick Linsmeyer and showcases his interests, adventures and experiences to the World Wide Web. You can find him here and at local events, and conventions across North America. Don’t forget, he’s online on Twitter and Instagram!

I still have questions…

Seek your answers in the Frequently Asked Questions. Or use the contact form (only if you’re not trying to sell me anything).

Nephrus has been online in various stages since October 1st, 2004. Logo design done by Digital Strike.