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Pictures of daily life, events, objects and locations from around the world; all seen from my own perspective. For more details about the equipment I use, some finer examples of my work, visit the photography page, or browse the complete collection on Gallery. You can also follow me on Instagram for “decent” shots from my phone.

Photos from AniRevo 2016

A wave of cosplay washed over Canada Place this weekend, and coupled with a couple of cruise ships, it made for a colourful experience for tourists and locals alike. Plenty of Pokémon, ninjas, volleyball players, swimmers, droids, Sailor Scouts, witches, princesses, soul reapers, demons, and even a personal healthcare companion made appearances on Vancouver’s waterfront at this year’s AniRevo.

Kakashi is all business today. An energetic Nishinoya leaps into action! Simon and Yoko are ready to save the world!
Gotta catch 'em all! A full line up of Fire Emblem characters Don't mess with the expert marksman Daisuke Jigen!

See the rest of the eye-catching costumes on Gallery!

Honda Celebration of Light 2016 – Team USA

With one of the largest crowds ever in attendance for the Honda Celebration of Light, Team USA closed off the three-night fireworks festival with a performance by the Walt Disney Company. Music from Disney films included Aladdin, The Lion King, Frozen, Pinocchio, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars and Fantasia synchronized to the pyrotechnics impressed the crowds. The only thing missing was the giant castle and Mickey Mouse.

See more photos from the evening on Gallery.

Photos from Carnaval del Sol 2016

Even though the dark Vancouver clouds threatened rain, Concord Pacific Plaza was basking in the sun from Carnaval del Sol, an annual celebration of Latin American culture. Performances from many groups including Argentina’s Entangados and the local Nahualli Folklore Society helped add colour to what would otherwise be another dreary west coast day. If the weather scared you away, there’s still time to pop by for a visit on Sunday!

Entangados Carnitas y asada a la Mexicana tacos Nahualli Folklore Society

See more photos on Gallery!

2016 Dragon Boat Festival photos

The rain and cold weather didn’t keep spectators and participants away from the 2016 Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival in Vancouver’s False Creek. Even though mid-June felt like February, the wet, grey skies were filled with the rhythmic sounds of drums, empowered cheers and the synchronized splashes of paddles.

The three-day festival ends on Sunday, June 19th. In addition to the boats, there’s also live music and food in Creekside Park, just outside Science World.

2016 Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival Pulling away from the dock Neck-in-neck!
Manoeuvring Dragon prow Finish line!

Additional photos are available on Gallery.

Bonaparte’s Gull

Bonaparte's Gull

A Bonaparte’s Gull glides effortlessly over the calm waters of Qualicum Beach on a warm spring morning. The beach is always a busy place with gulls and the occasional eagle looking for a snack.

Sakura Days Japan Fair 2016 photos

Spring was ushered in with the annual Sakura Days Japan Fair in the delightful VanDusen Gardens this past weekend. With tea ceremonies, taiko drumming, haiku writing, sake sampling, ramen, yakitori, and of course, cherry blossoms! Photos from the two-day festival are on Gallery.

Preparing tea during the tea ceremony Kagamibiraki - breaking of the sake barrel Tetsu Taiko
Cherry blossoms! Ducklings bobbing for food in the garden pond. Yakitori grilling over charcoal

Sakura-Con 2016 in pictures

Spring in Seattle means only one thing: Sakura-Con! And like the brilliant petals that blossom on the trees that bear this convention’s name are the equally beautiful outfits attendees don for the three-day event. So, if you couldn’t make it to the Washington State Convention Center March 25th through 27th, 2016, there’s always the photos on Gallery to enjoy.

Who's up for a game of volleyball?Ganondorf is ready for battle! Shinji holds Kaworu's life in EVA unit 01's hands.
Defend the walls! Look at me! I'm Yukio Okumura! Spirit is no match for the attractive Blair.

Creatures of Stanley Park part 3

Spring is always a great time to be out and about in Stanley Park. Lost Lagoon is probably the best place to do bird watching with geese, swans, herons and a wide assortment of ducks plying the waters.

A Canada Goose monitors the pedestrians along Lost Lagoon. A wood duck floats in Lost Lagoon About as close as you'd want to get to a swan.
A lesser scaup plies the water of Lost Lagoon. A wood duck rushes towards the calm waters of Lost Lagoon. A common merganser makes waves among the other ducks in Lost Lagoon.

Dolphins greet a ferry in the Strait of Georgia

A pod of Pacific white sided dolphins!

A pod of Pacific white sided dolphins!

On a grey Tuesday, the otherwise boring ferry ride between Horseshoe Bay and Nanaimo was brightened up with a visit from the locals. A pod of Pacific white sided dolphins swam alongside the vessel, intermittently breaking through the surface before disappearing back under the waves. This continued for a few minutes before they were out of sight. A few stragglers continued to appear before they too vanished into the distance.





Pacific White Sided Dolphins Pacific White Sided Dolphins Pacific White Sided Dolphins

Festival of Lights at VanDusen Gardens brightens up those dark winter evenings!

One of the more impressive displays of Christmas lights has been strung up around the VanDusen Botanical Gardens for the Festival of Lights. Over a million lights have been placed to bring joy and wonder to the gardens with activities the whole family can enjoy.

A break in the stormy weather that rolled over Metro Vancouver during the last week offered somewhat dry, yet windy opportunity to make my first visit to the Festival of Lights. Although I’ve been in VanDusen before, seeing it transformed with the brilliant displays after dark is just that more magical. Of course, I had my camera with me and many of the pictures I took are available on Gallery.

The Festival of Lights runs until December 31st, 2015. Tickets can be purchased in person or in advance online through the VanDusen Botanical Gardens web site. Tickets purchased are also good for Enchanted Nights at Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park.

Lights ring the pond and fountain A water wheel at work bathed in blue lights Cleverly recycled plastic bottles make beautiful tulip lamps
Lighting the way You're a mean one, Mr Grinch... Floating disco balls reflect the light in a unique decoration

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