There’s nothing that will bring people together like what’s on television. From prime-time to the paid advertisements at three o-clock, television has always been there to fill an empty void that we’d try and plug with family or religion.

Revival of The Raccoons could see a return to television

The popular Canadian 80s’ cartoon The Raccoons could be on its way back to television after 30 years according to series creator Kevin Gillis.

In a briefing with Canadian media, Gillis has “…been thinking about it for the last four or five years…” and has pitched the idea of returning the animated show with Canadian broadcasters. Gillis has even given thought to having another country handle co-production.

Gillis is now considering how best to restart the show. “If I take Raccoons into a brand new relaunch, do I do the obvious and age it up? Is it Raccoons 10 years later?” he ponders.

Although The Raccoons is based around the daily life of the audacious Bert Raccoon, his adventures are not alone as they include his close friends Ralph and Melissa, the son of the wealthy and villanous aardvark Cyril Sneer, Cedric, and the sheepdogs Schaeffer and Broo.

The Raccoons made their appearance in 1980 in the televised special The Christmas Raccoons, with Raccoons on Ice in 1981, The Raccoons & the Lost Star in 1983, and The Raccoons Let’s Dance in 1984. The actual series began its televised broadcast in 1985 on the CBC.

Source: Global News

Studio Ghibli tribute on The Simpsons

An upcoming episode of The Simpsons will include a sequence featuring numerous references to works by acclaimed Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. The long running animated American sitcom is known for its take on popular culture and some anime has worked its way into the show previously, but never before on this scale.

How many Studio Ghibli movies can you spot in the promotional clip below?

The Simpsons airs this Sunday, January 12th at 8:00 pm PST on Fox in the United States and Global in Canada.

Top Five Favourite Simpsons Episodes

The Simpsons are celebrating 20 years of animated hilarity on television. The series is part of our culture, where we quote it or use examples of it in our daily lives. I’m a bit of a Simpsons nut, often quoting chunks of episodes, getting into (and winning) trivia contests with my friends and sometimes using its values at work (“It’s my first day!). So, here are my top five, favourite episodes of the popular yellow-skinned family.
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Naruto Shippuden on Disney XD

The Walt Disney Company and Viz Media have worked out a deal to broadcast Naruto Shippuden on the Disney XD channel this October.

Disney XD is a channel aimed at boys aged 6 to 10, and Disney believes that this will be a draw as Naruto Shippuden proved popular once Viz started streaming subtitled episodes earlier this year. Naruto Shippuden follows the original Naruto series, with the titular character as a teenager. The first four episodes of Naruto Shippuden are currently available on iTunes.

Disney recently purchased Marvel Entertainment back on August 31st, 2009.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Conan does anime

Conan O’Brien of the Tonight Show stopped by Bang Zoom! Entertainment to try his hand at some voice acting.

Hell’s Kitchen in Whistler

With the latest installment of Hell’s Kitchen is starting soon, and it’s been discovered that the winner of this series will be rewarded with a position at a restaurant here in British Columbia. There will be 16 chefs competing against each other for a spot at the renowned establishment, Araxi, up in Whistler.

Chef Gordon Ramsay was the resort back in January of this year for some filming on site, making this the first time Hell’s Kitchen has ever been recorded outside of the United States. The new season starts at 8:00 PM PT/7:00 PM CT on Tuesday, July 21st.

Source: News1130

Get the pan on the stove!

Gordon Ramsay and his vulgar culinary style are back for another season of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX (or Global if you’re in Canada).  The hit reality TV series features a group of chefs, under the watchful eye of the foul-mouthed Ramsay, vying for a top kitchen position in an upscale restaurant is now in its sixth season. The new season starts on Tuesday, July 21st and has been moved to a new time slot of 8:00 PM PT/7:00 PM CT on Tuesday instead of Thursday.

Just kick Lacey off. Please.

I can’t stand Lacey in season five of Hell’s Kitchen. Here’s why.
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