The Otaku Culture

The rising popularity of anime and manga has given birth to a fervent devotion to the media formats: the otaku (オタク – Japanese slang for an obsessive person, more commonly known as a geek). Covered within are different aspects of the otaku culture, from figures and toys to odd promotional items and cosplay.

Good Smile Company reveals designs for new figma, Nendoroids and POP UP PARADE

Izuku Midoriya / Katsuki Bakugo (POP UP PARADE)

Good Smile Company revealed upcoming designs from My Hero Academia for their figma, Nendoroid and POP UP PARADE product lines at Wonder Festival 2020 Winter in Japan. Some of the new figures include painted prototypes or artwork for selected characters. The characters announced include: Tenya Iida (Nendoroid) Dabi (Nendoroid) Eijiro…

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