Early morning traffic speeds across the Alex Fraser Bridge.

Not Link from The Legend of Zelda, but links on varying resources online. Please note that these are external web sites and not managed by Nephrus. If you’d like to link back, a simple text link is sufficient.

  • Aimless Rambles
    A friend’s site of her own thoughts, experiences and adventures.
  • AM 730 Traffic
    With Vancouver’s crazy and unpredictable traffic, tune into AM 730 and save yourself the headache.
  • Anime Central
    The largest anime convention in the US Midwest. Going strong for over twelve years, ACen offers great panels, guests from the industry and puts on one hell of a show!
  • Anime Evolution
    Vancouver’s own anime convention. It’s not big, but a great community full of vibrant and dedicated anime fans.
  • Anime News Network
    Up to the minute breaking news and information on anime and manga along with features and reviews. A great resource!
  • Atlas Obscura
    Atlas Obscura looks into the fascinating world of our history, structures, traditions and culture.
  • Carnaval del Sol
    Metro Vancouver’s largest celebration of Latin American culture, cuisine and fun!
  • Chicago "L".org
    An in-depth site featuring everything about Chicago’s storied transit system, from the South Side Rapid Transit Company to the creation of the Pink Line.
  • Christopher James
    A friend of mine and an amazing magician who has wowed audiences around the world. His magic acts are available from private parties of all sizes to charity functions. You will not be disappointed!
  • Cosplay in America
    Travelling to conventions throughout the United States, Ejen Chuang’s book Cosplay in America showcases some of the costumes at these events.
  • Crunchyroll
    Streaming anime and drama, hot off the air from Japan.
  • Culture Japan
    Danny Choo is the ultimate otaku. He lives, breathes, writes and photographs anime, manga, figures and cosplay along with the rest of Japan’s colourful lifestyle.
  • Dueling Analogs
    A really well done web coming about video games and the people who play them. Check out the Rejected Mega Man Villains.
  • Frinkiac
    The most cromulent Simpsons image collection ever available on the Internet.
  • is a wealth of everything to do with aviation — from buying and selling aircraft, aviation directories, resources, events and more.
  • Kat Kam
    Kat Kam is a web camera focused on Vancouver’s English Bay and provides some beautiful shots of the city’s coastline.
  • Kawaii Not
    Don’t let the cutesy appearance fool you: there’s always a hilariously bad joke at the end!
  • Kotaku
    A leader in the latest gaming information, Kotaku offers reviews, news, and pretty pictures to whet the appetite.
  • La Taqueria
    Hands down, some of the most authentic Mexican tacos this far north!
  • Miss 604
    Miss 604 is quite possibly the most well-known Vancouverite online. Her blog offers in depth coverage of local events, colourful photography and a variety of contests.
  • Natalie
    Breaking news on Japanese culture – music, movies, manga and more! (in Japanese)
  • News1130
    Up to the minute local news from the Metro Vancouver region and across Canada. It’s a good way to get caught up with the world while on the commute to work.
  • phpBB
    The best forum software available today. Easy, customizable, fast, and best of all: it’s free!
  • Sakura-Con
    The Northwest’s premiere anime convention, held yearly in Seattle, Washington. It’s large, loud and fun for otakus of all ages!
  • San Japan
    An up-an-coming anime convention in San Antonio, Texas.
  • That Guy with the Glasses
    That Guy with the Glasses offers hilarious reviews, stirs up dusty memories on TV shows or obscure movies, and is just outstandingly amusing.
  • The Buzzer Blog
    TransLink’s online publication of the Buzzer with frequent updates on service, behind the scenes information, trivia and more.
  • Treasa's Photography
    A photographer local to Vancouver who enjoys recording the regions natural and cultural events
  • Vancity Buzz
    News, reviews and events from Vancouver
  • Vancouver Canucks
    Vancouver’s hope for the Stanley Cup since 1970. GO CANUCKS, GO!!
  • Vancouver History
    A chronological telling of Vancouver’s history, with images, anecdotes and stories.
  • Vancouver Is Awesome
    Serving up everything that makes Vancouver amazing! Nothing bad here, just how awesome this city is.
  • West Coast Railway Association
    The West Coast Railway Association is British Columbia’s best railway museum and resource for trainbuffs. They’re also home to the renowned Royal Hudson steam locomotive.

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