Welcome to Nephrus, commonly known as nephrus.net! Please take some time in reading over the terms of this web site, and policies. This document is an agreement (herein referred to as the “Agreement”) between you (herein referred as “You”, “Your”, “Yourself”, and the “User”), Nephrus (herein referred to as the “Web Site”), and its owner, Frederick Linsmeyer (herein referred to as “We”, “Us”, “Web Site Owner”, and “Owner”). Before using the Web Site, it is requested that you become familiar with services that are offered as well as the limitations and liabilities incurred. The Web Site includes any related sub-site or sub-domain hosted on the https://www.nephrus.net/ domain, including https://gallery.nephrus.net/, unless otherwise noted. The Web Site is owned and maintained by the Web Site Owner for entertainment, critical and informative purposes and is not intended to represent, impersonate, or infringe on the rights of any person, entity, industry, company, trust, group, corporation, collective, cooperative, authority or organization. The Web Site is hosted, operated and maintained in Canada under the observances of Canadian law.

  1. The Agreement
  2. Terms and Conditions
  3. Privacy Policy
    1. Non-Registered Visitors
    2. Registered Visitors
    3. Cookies
    4. Data
    5. Third-Party Content
    6. Security
  4. Comment Policy
  5. Rights granted by you to the Web Site
  6. Copyright Policy
  7. Reproduction Policy
  8. Addendum

1. The Agreement

By visiting and using the Web Site, you have agreed to and are bound by this Agreement. If you do not agree with or refuse to comply with this Agreement or any accompanying documentation, you must stop using the Web Site and any of its related services immediately. This Agreement can be changed at any time, with or without formal notice from the Web Site Owner.

2. Terms and Conditions

All content, services and other resources are provided “AS IS” and comes without warranty of any kind either express or implied. The Web Site Owner does its best in making sure all content, services and other resources are available all the time. It is not possible to predict all possible technical difficulties or outages, which may include loss of data, system failures and interruptions. The Web Site Owner reserves the right to modify or remove, either temporarily or permanently, any content, service or resource with or without any given notice. You agree not to hold the Web Site Owner liable for any modification or removal of content, services or resources. You agree to not use the Web Site for any illegal activities which include and are not limited to: transmitting abusive, harmful, threatening, obscene or hateful content, protected works (e.g. trademarked or copyrighted) without consent, interfering with the operations of the Web Site or any other Internet web site or computer infrastructure. This includes any municipal, provincial, state, territorial and federal law where you access the Web Site from.

3. Privacy Policy

The Web Site does collect and store your information, including your name, e-mail address, and IP address when registering on the Web Site or submitting questions through the e-mail contact form. This is for your own experience when visiting the Web Site, to help the Web Site’s Owner respond to your questions and to provide credit for submitted content. Names, URLs and e-mail addresses may be posted to establish acknowledgement and ownership. Names, URLs and e-mail addresses will be left unmodified unless otherwise noted or requested by the original content owner. Any additional personal information that is submitted either intentionally or inadvertently to the Web Site will not be used by the Web Site Owner. If you are uncomfortable with providing any personally identifiable information, don’t submit it.

3a. Non-Registered Visitors

Non-registered visitors means you are browsing the Web Site but do not register (sign-up) for an account. An account is not a requirement to use or enjoy the Web Site. A basic amount of information is automatically collected during your visit: your device’s IP address, geographic location, and browser software. This data is used to compile reports on who visits the Web Site, when the Web Site was visited, time spent on the Web Site, how the Web Site was found and which country or territory the you are visiting from. Some third-party providers may capture additional information, please refer to section 3e below.

However, if you choose to contact the Web Site owner using the online contact form or post a comment in response to an article, data you supply, including your name, e-mail address, IP address, geographical location and browser software version will be collected. If you do not wish to supply this information, please do not use any of these features.

3b. Registered Visitors

Registered visitors means you have registered an account on the Web Site and can log in to comment, submit or publish content. An account is not a requirement to use or enjoy the Web Site. Registration requires more information in addition to the basic information of your IP address, geographic location, and browser software. This additional information includes your name, a username and password to secure your account on the Web Site, an e-mail address, a URL (if you have your own web site) and some biographical information if you choose to share that type of material.

If you register an account on the Web Site, personal information that you provide is stored in your user profile. You can view, edit, or delete your own personal information at any time (excluding changing of your username). The Web Site administrators can also view and edit this information. If you have registered an account on the Web Site, you can request a copy of your data. Should you determine that you no longer need an account on the Web Site, you may delete your account. However not all data is deleted, including comments and data relating to administrative, legal, or security purposes, or data that is stored in back-up files.

3c. Cookies

The Web Site uses cookies. Cookies are individual text files that contain data to enhance your visit while using the Web Site. These files can be used to save log-in information, writing and editing preferences, or record browsing habits. Cookies can be restricted or disabled through your web browser software — consult your web browser software’s help file or manufacturer for instructions. The Web Site Owner is not responsible for the lack of functionality while using the Web Site if cookies have been disabled in your web browser software.

The cookie files used by the Web Site do not contain any information that could personally identify you, such as your full name or street address. If you have a registered account, these cookies retain your account name and session details. A unique cookie is generated for both registered and non-registered visitors to identify your visit to the Web Site, though it contains no details about you as a person. These cookies typically remain on your computer from one to fourteen days.

3d. Data

Data submitted to the Web Site can be stored indefinitely and across multiple platforms, including back-up files for data recovery and retention. While the Web Site Owner takes every reasonable precaution to safeguard this data, it is impossible to foresee any attack or threat which may compromise this data.

3e. Third-Party Content

Some third-party content, such as videos and widgets (interactive online content, not limited to Flash animations, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, YouTube and other videos, HTML or JavaScript applications), may use cookies. These cookies are not used or accessed by the Web Site and use of this content may constitute as acceptance of any terms or conditions set by the third-party provider. Please refer to the applicable third-party web site for their privacy and data handling policies.

Some third-party providers we use are:

This is not a comprehensive list as individual providers may be used on a limited basis depending on content or services provided.

3f. Security

The Web Site uses SSL certificates (identifiable by the https:// in your browser’s address bar) to encrypt data between your device and the Web Site to reduce the risk of data being intercepted by another party. If your device is already compromised by a virus, keylogger or other malicious software, your data may already be at risk regardless of these measures that put in place by the Web Site. The Web Site owner will not be liable for any damages, loss of data or any other issues that arise from your use of a compromised device.

4. Comment Policy

The Web Site Owner welcomes feedback and input on posted articles as it helps share more information with the online community. By submitting your comment, you are confirming that the content does not violate any policies set forth and is not offensive, abusive, threatening or otherwise illegal. Comments can be used by the Web Site to promote or advertise services offered. E-mail addresses will not be distributed, disclosed or otherwise sold to external parties. Any personal information submitted in your comment is done so at your own risk and the Web Site Owner is not responsible for the safety or validity of this information. All submitted comments do not reflect the opinions of the Web Site Owner unless otherwise stated. Not all comments will be approved for posting or appear on the Web Site. The Web Site Owner retains the right to enable, modify or disable commenting on any article at any time for any reason.

Visitor comments are checked through an automated spam detection service called Akismet to validate if the comment is legitimate or spam. The Akismet service privacy policy is available at: https://automattic.com/privacy/.

When submitting a comment, an anonymized string created from your e-mail address (also called a hash) may be provided to the Gravatar service to see if you are using it. The Gravatar service privacy policy is available at: https://automattic.com/privacy/. After approval of your comment, your profile picture is visible to the public in the context of your comment.

5. Rights granted by you to the Web Site

You, as the visitor, acknowledge that any submission to the Web Site, either intentionally or unintentionally, are governed by the following:

  1. By submitting content (which includes but is not limited to: e-mails or letters, artwork, stories, poetry, lyrics, essays, forum posts, reviews or ratings, videos or video clips, screen shots, photographs, and other types of data), you are letting the Web Site Owner distribute, reproduce and display these online via the Web Site. You agree that all submitted content is original and of your own creation, or that you have the appropriate permission to share this content. Content may be re-sized or adjusted to fit the format of the Web Site. The Web Site Owner does its best to keep all original content the way it has been intended and will not make any significant modifications without prior arrangement.
  2. Other Web Site staff will have access to the submitted content and be able to make adjustments for the content to fit the format of the Web Site where necessary.
  3. By registering an account or posting a comment on the Web Site, you will not:
    1. Threaten, harass, or violate the legal rights of another user.
    2. Submit or publish content, files or other data that does not belong to you without appropriate permission first.
    3. Submit or publish content, files or other data that will restrict or limit the use of the Web Site or cause damage to another user’s device or account, or any other system or service.
    4. Advertise or sell any commercial product for profit or gain.
    5. Alter or falsify content, posts, comments, files, or other data that does not belong to you or is a notice formally issued by the Web Site Owner, hosting company or legal entity.
    6. Sell, divulge or distribute your username and/or password.
  4. The use of robots, scripts or any other automated or manual method of collection, or retrieval, of images and photographs for non-personal use are prohibited. Use of such methods will be restricted by the Web Site whenever possible.
  5. The Web Site Owner may censor your submissions, including comments, at their sole discretion, where appropriate or necessary.
  6. The Web Site Owner reserves the right to terminate your access to and/or account on the Web Site with or without notification for any reason whatsoever.
  7. You can request a copy of your data that is held by the Web Site. You can also request that we erase any personal data we hold about you. This does not include any data we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes.

All content on the Web Site, but not limited to the design, text, graphics, photographs, music, video, downloads and other related media are copyright 2004 – 2021 Frederick Linsmeyer, all rights reserved, unless otherwise noted. All logos and respective slogans are used in the context of news reporting, to promote their services or products, or as an informative aid as a review of said products or services. These logos, slogans and media, which are not limited to text, graphics, photographs, music, video or other content, are posted under the consideration of fair use and are not altered to deface or infringe upon the rights of their owners. These logos, slogans and media do not constitute as endorsement or recognition from their respective owners and the Web Site Owner receives no financial gain, endorsement, acknowledgement or support from their rightful owners.

If you, as the rightful copyright owner, in good faith, object to your content being published on the Web Site, you may request that it be removed provided you submit evidence that you are the rightful owner or acting on behalf of the rightful owner and reasoning why that content should be removed. Requests for removal can be submitted through the Web Site contact form. Requests for content removal that are not done in good faith, are frivolous, or are illegitimate, will be ignored or forwarded on to the relevant authorities.

7. Reproduction Policy

Original content can be reproduced within limited quantities without written consent from the Web Site Owner. Limited quantities is consistent text from any published article, not including any element that is related to the Web Site design or structure. Consistent text may be used as quotations or a reference point in any new published documents or articles. Original content, categories and archives cannot be reproduced in their entirety. Photographs may be reproduced as long as any watermark, logo or accompanying text is left unaltered or unobstructed, regardless if it is from the Web Site or otherwise. Use of photographs on other web sites and pages is permitted, provided that the image file is not directly linked to and that the any watermark and/or logo is left unaltered or unobstructed. Photography albums cannot be reproduced in their entirety, and reproduction in any publication format is limited to two images in total without written consent from the Web Site’s Owner. Photographs of persons in costume (commonly known as cosplay) cannot be reused without the photographed person’s explicit permission. Harvesting of photographs, for the intent of creating a database or other purposes is prohibited. Violators will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

8. Addendum

Please note that this document can be updated with or without notice at any time deemed appropriate by the Web Site Owner. It is recommended that you check back regularly to ensure that you are kept up to date with the Agreement. This document was last revised on Tuesday, March 9th, 2021.

The Web Site has not been inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and is not recommended for human consumption. If the Web Site has been ingested, do not induce vomiting; contact a poison control centre immediately.

Nephrus is a privately owned and operated web site located in Canada and its owner ultimately decides over content that is considered objectionable and reserves the right to post or remove said content unless otherwise noted. The owner reserves the right to forward any submission deemed illegal to the relevant authorities. You are free to share the content and redistribute it within reason; don’t be a thief and don’t be dishonest about your sources. Questions or concerns regarding these policies should be directed to the owner, however, not all suggestions or ideas are considered or implemented. Solicitations are not guaranteed a response.