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Last Cloudia comes to Crunchyroll Games with special Collection of Mana event

Last Cloudia - Screenshot
A screenshot from Last Cloudia from AIDIS, Inc. and Crunchyroll Games.

Crunchyroll Games has announced that the role-playing title Last Cloudia by AIDIS, Inc., joins their mobile gaming platform and is now available in Canada and the United States on iOS and Android devices.

This new title includes a collaboration with Square Enix and their Collection of Mana series that includes Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and Trials of Mana; which goes live on Tuesday, November 26th, 2019. During this event, characters from Secret of Mana, Randi, Popoi, and Primm, are playable and come with their own special skill-sets and weapons from the Collection of Mana universe. The event ends on Friday, December 13th, 2019.

Last Cloudia is free to download and play, and contains in-app purchases.

Xbox Live to increase supported platforms

Microsoft is working to expand the platforms its Xbox Live service supports, from its Xbox consoles to games on Android and iOS devices, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

Based on the information available, Microsoft wants to take its online service to rival devices, allowing gamers to login and play compatible titles on competing systems as well as manage their profile and account information.

Xbox Live is currently available on the Xbox One console and Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft is expected to make a formal announcement at the Game Developers Conference in mid-March 2019.

Sources: GameSpot, The Verge

Miitomo brings Nintendo to Android and iOS devices this March

Mii customization in Miitomo
Change your style with the huge wardrobe in Miitomo!

Faced with competition from mobile phones and tablets, Nintendo is now expanding out to these devices. Miitomo is the gaming company’s first step into the mobile market.

As a social app, Miitomo uses the Mii characters to interact with other users. Miis are a digital representations of people in a simplified design introduced back in 2006. Nintendo states that there are more than 200 million Mii characters on its gaming systems around the world. New users can create their own Mii or transfer over one they’ve created from their Wii U or Nintendo 3DS consoles through a QR code.

Activities between friends in Miitomo is a unique one: responses to questions becomes an interactive play where users can learn something new about their buddy. The replies don’t have to be text — use a picture or a heart to convey a feeling.

While Miitomo is free to install, users can collect Miitomo coins to buy items through the in-app shop. Redeem coins to upgrade outfits to impress upon their friends, or even don strange attire like a bear, or even a hot dog.

Miitomo chat
Share your Saturday night with your friends!

Once a Mii is all dolled up, users can take pictures of their creations and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram through the Miifoto function.

Miitomo is also integrated with the new loyalty program My Nintendo. My Nintendo aims to honour users who take advantage of the company’s products and services. My Nintendo replaces Club Nintendo which closed down in June 2015.

Miitomo launches in March 2016 on Android and Apple iOS devices. To pre-register, visit the Miitomo web site.

Final Fantasy IX coming to PC and mobile devices in 2016

An adventure that draws upon the classic roots of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy IX was announced for a PC, iPhone and Android release sometime in 2016. The PC version will be available through Steam.

A carefully crafted plot to kidnap Princess Garnet of Alexandria goes too well for Zidane and the travelling theatre bandit troupe Tantalus. Even though the princess willingly left on her own accord, she and her protector, Steiner, did not expect to pair up with Zidane and explore a world of shrouded in both mist and deceit. Along with a black mage named Vivi, a Burmecian knight Freya, and a young summoner named Eiko, this ragtag team understand their own past and defend their future from the evils orchestrated by the mysterious Kuja.

The unique story of Final Fantasy IX will included improved graphics with high-definition movies, additional achievements, game boosters such as high-speed and no encounter modes, and an auto save function.

Final Fantasy IX was originally released for the PlayStation in 2000. A specific date for when the PC and mobile version of the title will can be purchased was not specified.

Sources: Steam, PC Gamer, YouTube

VIZ Manga now for Android

VIZ Manga app for Android
VIZ Manga app for Android

Android users, rejoice! Viz Media has released their VIZ Manga app for mobile devices running the Android platform. Now you can take your favourite manga on the go without having to carry any bulky books around.

The app is free, but individual titles do cost money — usually at half of their physical copies. Free previews are also available, giving you a chance to see if a series is right for you.

In addition to individual manga titles, you can download Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha, Viz Media’s follow-up to their printed magazine which ceased publication in April of this year.

VIZ Manga can be downloaded from the Google Play store on most Android-based mobile phones.