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Favourite anime t-shirts

I’ve got quite the collection of anime-themed t-shirts, with the majority being from Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, and Death Note. Here’s a selection of some of my favourites, in no particular order.
Looking to buy some yourself? The dealer’s room/exhibition halls at anime conventions are a great place to start, or you can visit your local Hot Topic, fye, or check out Stylin’ Online. Read the rest of this article…

Viz Manga on the iPad

Viz Manga app

Viz Manga app as viewed in iTunes

Viz Media released its new Viz Manga app for the Apple iPad today. The application allows users to download popular manga series including Naruto, Death Note, Bleach, Bakuman, and Dragon Ball and view them at full screen digitally.

The app itself is free, but each volume is priced at $4.99 USD and is only available to fans within the United States.

There is no word if the Viz Manga app will be available for use on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Anime sale on iTunes

Anime on iTunes

Anime on iTunes

Looking for digital anime downloads of your favourite series? If you have Apple iTunes, FUNimation is holding a small sale on select series until August 3rd, 2010. Popular selections include Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, Afro Samurai and Soul Eater just to name a few.

Visit to bring up iTunes and get a head start!

Source: FUNimation

Incarnate artist plagiarizing manga

Comic book artist Nick Simmons, who is the son of famed Kiss bassist, Gene Simmons, has found himself in hot water after scathing complaints of plagiarism. Simmons’ comic book Incarnate is believed to have taken artwork, ideas, and dialogue from manga such as Bleach, Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D, and NANA.

Viz Media is apparently aware of the situation, as is Bleach mangaka Tite Kubo, who has already commented via Twitter. Simmons has not responded to the accusations.

Comparisons of the artwork can be found on the LiveJournal community, Bleachness.

YTV drops Naruto and Bleach/Adult Swim takes on FMA: Brotherhood

YTV, the Canadian youth-aimed channel, has removed Naruto and Bleach from its schedule, after running repeats for the past year. The two series used to air at midnight and 1:00 am respectively.

Source: Anime News Network

The Caroon Network’s Adult Swim will be airing the first 26 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in the United States. The series will start on February 14th, 2010, however, check local listings for show times. A list of the English voice cast can be found here.

Source: Anime News Network

Anime Footwear

Most anime series have loads of merchandise featuring images of the main characters or logos and replicas of items used in those series. There’s a lot of apparel from some of the more popular series; Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Bleach, to name a few. Among the t-shirts, hats and hoodies are the elusive pairs of shoes. While Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! have sneakers tailored towards younger kids, UK based T.U.K. made skate shoes for Fullmetal Alchemist and Bleach along with Fullmetal Alchemist slip-ons. Nike and Bandai teamed up as well to create a limited edition pair of runners based on Naruto for the Japanese youth market.

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Bleach Hitsugaya t-shirt

Hitsugaya Shirt

Hitsugaya Shirt

I think this is a cool shirt, just because Hitsugaya is awesome. Nice colour and Hitsugaya has an awesome pose on the lower right side. There’s also a Bleach logo on the left sleeve too. I don’t think it’s on sale yet, but when it’s on the shelf, I’m gonna get one.

Bleach Skate Shoes

Bleach skate shoes

Bleach skate shoes

I finally got the Bleach skate shoes I ordered a few weeks ago. Made by TUK, the shoes are black and white, with a skull print on the sides and a stitched blue, white and red stripes. There’s also another skull embossed in white on the sides as well as one on the bottom. The shoes also come with a pair of black or white laces. The design are very nice and it’s not overwhelmed with flashy colours or emblems. These are pretty cool.

Mine are in size 11, and are very comfy. TUK used the design similar to the Fullmetal Alchemist sneakers made a few years earlier for Hot Topic (I have a pair of those as well).

Unfortunately, there were only 360 pairs made for Viz and were available exclusively on their web site. The shoes are come in men’s sizes 4 through 13.

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Anime Footwear

Most anime series have loads of merchandise featuring images of the main characters or logos and replicas of items used in those series. There’s a lot of apparel from some… Read the rest of this article…

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