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Photos from AniRevo 2016

A wave of cosplay washed over Canada Place this weekend, and coupled with a couple of cruise ships, it made for a colourful experience for tourists and locals alike. Plenty of Pokémon, ninjas, volleyball players, swimmers, droids, Sailor Scouts, witches, princesses, soul reapers, demons, and even a personal healthcare companion made appearances on Vancouver’s waterfront at this year’s AniRevo.

Kakashi is all business today. An energetic Nishinoya leaps into action! Simon and Yoko are ready to save the world!
Gotta catch 'em all! A full line up of Fire Emblem characters Don't mess with the expert marksman Daisuke Jigen!

See the rest of the eye-catching costumes on Gallery!

Sakura-Con 2016

Naruto and NHK's Domo-kun!

Naruto and NHK’s Domo-kun!

Spring in Seattle doesn’t start until the colourful costumes that flock towards the Washington State Convention Center for Sakura-Con. Three days over the Easter long weekend gives fans of Japanese culture and entertainment the chance to indulge themselves in anime and manga. All the pictures I took during the event are available on Gallery. Read the rest of this article…

Sakura-Con 2016 in pictures

Spring in Seattle means only one thing: Sakura-Con! And like the brilliant petals that blossom on the trees that bear this convention’s name are the equally beautiful outfits attendees don for the three-day event. So, if you couldn’t make it to the Washington State Convention Center March 25th through 27th, 2016, there’s always the photos on Gallery to enjoy.

Who's up for a game of volleyball?Ganondorf is ready for battle! Shinji holds Kaworu's life in EVA unit 01's hands.
Defend the walls! Look at me! I'm Yukio Okumura! Spirit is no match for the attractive Blair.

Photos from Anime Revolution 2015

With Anime Revolution, or AniRevo for short, this past weekend, there comes cosplay. With thousands descending on Canada Place over the span of three days, many in costume, it was a colourful and fun event.

Unable to make it to AniRevo or just want to relive the memories? Browse through my collection of photos now available on Gallery.

Simon will pierce the heavens! Kuja will make you into his canary... or whatever evil plots he's scheming. Sailor Moon will dispense lunar justice on evil!
It's Kairi, Sora and Donald from Kingdom Hearts! Natsu is all pumped up! Edward and Ein are ready for another adventure!

Cosplay photos from San Japan 8-Bit

While San Japan: 8-Bit concluded a week ago, it’s time to reminisce the fun three-day weekend with lots and lots of photos. Even in the sweltering Texas heat, everyone still suited up in amazing costumes to embrace their love for their favourite anime, cartoons and video game series.

Sealand is being represented at San Japan! Rin Kagamine and Miku Hatsune are enjoying San Japan! The Boy Wonder is here to protect the Alamo City.
Shulk is really feeling it today! Two Konans are feeling some Pain... Captain Hook seems to have captured Tinkerbell... again.

Couldn’t make it out? Browse through the Gallery to see what you missed!

Anime Evolution 2015 photos

The new Student Union Building at the University of British Columbia was packed with people for this year’s Anime Evolution convention. All sorts of people were dressed up in outfits from their favourite anime, video game or pop culture series for the three day event.

Here’s a small selection of Saturday’s cosplay from Anime Evolution. View the complete day’s photos on Gallery.

Sora and Biyomon from Digimon! Reese and Cyrus take a break from running ReTail in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Robin from the New 52 spreads his wings.
Pokémon's Mudkips can't believe he found The Legend of Zelda's Midna! You poor unfortunate soul. Crona and Ragnarok are ready for battle!

Photos from Anime Central

Thousands of people flocked to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center for the 18th Anime Central in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont. Three days of amazing cosplay overflowed onto the streets; with so much amazing outfits, it was hard to capture them all. For the ones I was able to take pictures of, you can find on Gallery. Enjoy!

A delivery for you, from the Postman! Tidus is ready to use his overdrive! Team spirit with players from Seirin and Yosen.
Benders, unite! King Kazma is ready for battle! The Iwatobi Swim Club is full of spirit!

Sakura-Con 2015

Spring is all about the blossoms, sunny weather and anime! Especially if you’re in Seattle around the Easter Weekend when Sakura-Con brings Japanese and Asian culture together inside the Washington State Convention Center. This year, the convention ran from Friday, April 3rd through Sunday, April 5th with plenty of anime to watch, manga to buy and costumes to admire.

Couldn’t make it? Photos are up on Gallery.
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Photos from Sakura-Con 2015

It’s not spring without Sakura-Con! Thousands of people descended upon downtown Seattle, many in costume, for a three-day weekend party for all things Japanese. Were you there? Couldn’t make it? Browse through the Gallery and make it seem like it was the convention weekend all over again.

Rin and Yukio Okumura take a break! Kingdom 'Heart' with Kairi and Sora Ichigo and Toushiro strike a pose
Sōma Yukihira is ready for his next cooking challenge! If Black Star is lost, don't return him to Soul Evans. It's a volleyball game!

Anime Revolution 2014

Anime Revolution overtakes the main hallway at Canada Place

Anime Revolution overtakes the main hallway at Canada Place

You might have thought it was Halloween this past weekend with throngs of people dressed up in costumes. Since it’s not the end of October, it has to be a convention. Anime Revolution (or AniRevo) turned Canada Place into a three-day event, from Friday, August 22nd to Sunday, August 24th, celebrating all things anime and manga. A collection of photos from Anime Revolution are available on Gallery.
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