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Anime Revolution 2014 photos

Three days goes by quickly when you’re having fun. Costumes overtook Canada Place this past weekend for Anime Revolution (or AniRevo) to celebrate Japanese animation and comics. As Canada Place is multipurpose (with a cruise ship terminal and tourist attractions), out of town visitors got quite the surprise seeing everyone dressed as their favourite characters. Photos from the three-day event are available on Gallery.

Princess Hilda from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds The Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang Misa Amane and Rem
Seras Victoria means business with that gun. Fairy Tail photo shoot with Erza Scarlet and Laxus Dreyar The water-loving boys of the Iwatobi Swim Club.


Northwest Fan Fest 2014 photos

Northwest Fan Fest merges three conventions (Anime Evolution, Cos & Effect and Vancouver Gaming Expo) into one convenient (well, not really) location. After its inaugural weekend, it’s now time to enjoy all the costumes that overtook the Student Union Building out at the University of British Columbia. Many of the pictures include some private photoshoots, the Disney photoshoot on Saturday and the Final Fantasy photoshoot on Sunday. If you weren’t able to attend, the entire weekend is on Gallery.


Eduard Khil a.k.a Trolololo guy Disney warrior princesses Frozen!
Cloud and Tifa share a moment Sabin does not like Cloud Len and Rin Kagamine

Sakura-Con 2014

A sure sign of spring in Seattle is the Easter Weekend and Sakura-Con. For three days, April 18th through April 20th, 2014, a veritable army of costumed fans conquered a small portion of the Emerald City’s downtown, concentrated around the Washington State Convention Center. Didn’t get to attend? Check out my collection of photos from the event on Gallery.
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Sakura-Con 2014 in pictures

With another Sakura-Con behind us, it’s time to reflect on the gorgeous costumes and events over the three-day weekend. It’s always fun to see what people are wearing and some of the antics for those with a camera. And it was even more awesome being allowed to take still pictures during the ELISA concert on Saturday evening. If you couldn’t make it, there are pictures to make up for what you missed. As always, the collection is slowly being added to Gallery.

Tsunade sure does enjoy her tea! Kefka claims credit for his evil genius. Get in the robot, Shinji!
Rin borrows Yukio's glasses. Hilarity ensues. Colossal maids accost Levi... Len and Rin Kagamine sport their new kitty ears. :3

British Columbia Anime Conventions for 2014

Stay cool with Naruto at Anime Evolution 2013

Stay cool with Naruto at Anime Evolution 2013

With 2014 comes a new year of places to celebrate your love for your favourite anime and manga. Grab your costumes and friends for a weekend of fun at four events in southern British Columbia!

  • Tsukino-Con – February 14th – 16th, 2014 at the University of Victoria in Victoria, BC
    Tsukino-Con is a family-friendly event aimed at promoting anime, manga and Japanese culture to not only fans on Vancouver Island, but from the rest of the province as well.
  • Fan Expo Vancouver – April 18th – 20th, 2014 at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, BC
    Fan Expo Vancouver has expanded to three days for 2014 and brings fans of anime, manga, comics and other pop culture all under one roof in downtown Vancouver.
  • NorthWest Fan Fest – June 27th – 29th, 2014 at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC
    Anime Evolution, Cos & Effect and the Vancouver Gaming Expo have teamed up to create a new convention by bringing three events into one this summer.
  • AniRevo – August 22nd – 24th, 2014 at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, BC
    While still young, AniRevo has grown by leaps and bounds to bring fans of Japanese pop culture what they crave the most.


San Japan Sinister 6

It’s the middle of Summer and it doesn’t seem to bother the thousands who have shown up for the sixth annual San Japan anime convention in San Antonio, Texas. From Friday, August 16th until Sunday, August 18th, fans of all ages converged on the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center and Grand Hyatt Hotel in the heart of the Alamo City. With a wide selection of guests, activities, exhibitors and events, it was a packed weekend. Photos from the three-day weekend are available on Gallery. Read the rest of this article…

San Japan Sinister 6 photos

Under the merciless Texas sun, Japanese pop culture fans donned their best for the sixth annual San Japan. Plenty of costumes wound their way around the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center and the downtown Riverwalk, making for a spectacular sight. So, if you weren’t able to make it down for the convention, browse through the collection on Gallery!

Monokuma Levi cleans the floor. Sora takes a break by the water
Young Link doesn't like being Adult Link's arm rest! Yami Marik is just a tad bit insane. Just a tad. Giant Kon!!

San Japan 6 preview

America at San Japan

Alfred Jones is ready for San Japan. Are you?

Only one week remains before San Japan Sinister 6 brings all things related to manga, anime and Japanese pop culture to the heart of Texas. This year’s convention runs from Friday, August 16th until Sunday, August 18th at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center and Grand Hyatt San Antonio in downtown San Antonio, Texas.

The 2013 line-up has a lot of new faces and event line-up that will keep you busy. Chris Ayres (Dragon Ball Z Kai, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gantz), Johnny Yong Bosch, (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Bleach, Blue Exorcist), Scott Freeman (Hetalia: Axis Powers, One Piece, Initial D), Jerry Jewell (Fruits Basket, BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad, Fullmetal Alchemist), Scott McNeil (Gundam Wing, InuYasha, Dragon Ball Z), Carli Mosier (Halo Legends, Nerima Daikon Brothers, Magikano), Carrie Savage (Strawberry Eggs, Ikki Tousen, Vampire Knight) and Karen Strassman (Bleach, Code Geass, Rozen Maiden). Non-voice actors include Martin Billany aka LittleKuriboh, Max Gilard, Sifu Kisu and Katie Tiedrich.

Don’t forget that there’s also a wide selection of artists, vendors and panels. Also, for the first time ever, San Japan is hosting the qualifier for the World Cosplay Summit.

Even though online registration has closed, you can still purchase badges in-person at the convention centre. A complete schedule is also available for mobile devices through the Guidebook app.

Anime Evolution 2013

It’s summer and that means: Anime Evolution! Returning to celebrate ten years of anime in Vancouver, Anime Evolution once again took over the Student Union Building (SUB) and Student Recreation Centre (SRC) at the University of British Columbia (UBC). For three days during the Canada Day long weekend (June 28th-30th, 2013), fans could immerse themselves in cosplay, manga, merchandise and fun. Read the rest of this article…

Anime Evolution 2013 photos

With Anime Evolution in full swing now, many different costumed fans will make their way through the Student Union Building at UBC this Canada Day long weekend. If you can’t make it, you won’t miss a thing with all the cosplay captured on Gallery. Keep checking back as the weekend progresses!

Don't blink! It's a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. Atsushi Murasakibara from Kuroko's Basketball Sheik from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Sword Art Online's Silica Nathan Drake slides into action! Celes and Terra from Final Fantasy VI

On Gallery

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