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Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai shows off new fighter Terry Bogard

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Terry Bogard
Terry Bogard as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

This morning, Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai dedicated a 48-minute Nintendo Direct video to Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury, who was announced as the newest downloadable character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Accompanying Terry in the download pack, is the King of Fighters Stadium stage, plus 50 musical selections from various SNK titles. Players who have purchased the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass or the Challenger Pack 4 can download this content today.

Terry joins a number of non-Nintendo franchise fighters, including Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy‘s Cloud Strife, Persona‘s Joker, Rare’s Banjo and Kazooie, and Dragon Quest‘s Hero. In 1991, the Legendary Wolf made his debut in the arcade title FATAL FURY: KING OF FIGHTERS from SNK, and went on to appear in over 80 games spanning nearly thirty years. Terry is easily identifiable with his baseball hat, long, golden hair and muscular upper body.

Terry and all his related content is available today for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: YouTube

Kingdom Hearts III DLC to come in Winter 2019

Square-Enix released a video for the upcoming DLC for Kingdom Hearts III which launched earlier this year titled Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind.

The trailer briefly shows interactions between Organization XIII members and scenes where Riku, Roxas and Aqua are playable in battle.

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind is expected in Winter 2019 and will be available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube

Last two fighters in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS – Corrin and Bayonetta

Masahiro Sakurai, director of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, announced the last two playable characters in the last Nintendo Direct streaming video for the title.

Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates joins the Super Smash Bros. cast!

Corrin joins Super Smash Bros. from Fire Emblem Fates, a title for the Nintendo 3DS scheduled to launch in 2016. With dragon’s blood pulsing through his veins, Corrin can use this power to unleash devastating attacks against any opponents. And like Wii Fit Trainer, Villager and Robin (another Fire Emblem character), there are two versions of Corrin: male or female. Corrin will be available for download at $4.99 individually or at $5.99 in both games.


Bayonetta from the Bayonetta series joins the Super Smash Bros. cast!

Bayonetta, from the aptly titled Bayonetta series, completes the all-star cast of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U. As the most requested character from the worldwide Fighter Ballot, Bayonetta brings her witty attitude and deadly repertoire into battle. Accompanying this stylish witch is her own personal stage: the Umbra Clock Tower. Moving platforms and an alternate dimension should make anyone fearful of going face to face with Bayonetta on her own turf. Bayonetta and the Umbra Clock Tower stage will be available for download at $5.99 individually or at $6.99 in both games.

Source: Nintendo

Link and other Nintendo characters to appear in Mario Kart 8

Link speeds along in Mario Kart 8
Link speeds along in Mario Kart 8.

A little bit of Hyrule has made its way into Mario Kart 8. Nintendo has announced two new content packs for the latest release of its popular racing series on the Wii U, one of which will include Link as a playable character.

In addition to Link, the first content pack will include Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach, with the second pack will contain the Villager and Isabelle from Animal Crossing and Dry Bowser. Each pack comes with four vehicles and eight courses — some of which are favourites from previous versions of Mario Kart and new maps from the Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing series.

Both packs are priced at $7.99 USD each, or $11.99 USD for the two-pack bundle, with advance purchase beginning August 27th, 2014. The first pack, the one with Link, will be available for download in November 2014, while the second pack is scheduled for May 2015. Purchasers of either the individual pack or bundle will receive eight new colours for Yoshi and Shy Guy immediately.

Source: Nintendo