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TransLink fares going up on July 1, 2018

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TransLink fare prices are rising on Canada Day 2018.

To help provide improvements to Metro Vancouver’s transit system, TransLink is increasing its fares between five and ten cents on Sunday, July 1st, 2018. This fare increase is part of phase one of the Mayors Council’s 10-Year Vision for transit to add capacity, bus service and other enhancements around the region.

Single trip fares will see a ten cent increase, while concession fares go up five cents; monthly passes will cost two dollars more (concession by a dollar). Purchasing a DayPass will cost 25 cents more. The table below breaks down the cost per zone and fare type.

Single Use/Cash Tickets
Zone Current Fare New Fare
1 $2.85 $2.95
2 $4.10 $4.20
3 $5.60 $5.70
1 $1.80 $1.90
2 $2.80 $2.90
3 $3.80 $3.90
Stored Value Compass Card
1 $2.20 $2.30
2 $3.25 $3.35
3 $4.30 $4.40
1 $1.80 $1.85
2 $2.80 $2.85
3 $3.80 $3.85
Monthly Pass
1 $93.00 $95.00
2 $126.00 $128.00
3 $172.00 $174.00
All Zones $53.00 $54.00
Day Pass
All Zones $10.00 $10.25
All Zones $7.75 $8.00

Source: TransLink

New SkyTrain cars coming in the next two years

Additional cars to increase capacity on both SkyTrain lines and the Canada Line is being accelerated according to an announcement made by TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond on Friday, February 23rd.

The first 28 cars destined for the Expo and Millennium Lines will arrive in early 2019, followed by another 28 cars toward the end of 2019. A further 24 cars are on order for the Canada Line which are expected before the end of 2020.

The original order of the cars was made in 2016 under Phase 1 of the region’s 10 year vision for transit which includes a 20% increase for rail service.

Statistics provided by TransLink show that ridership is up by 5.7 percent, reaching 407 million boardings in 2017.

LIVE: Announcement Regarding Increased Capacity on SkyTrain 🚇

Posted by TransLink on Friday, February 23, 2018

Source: TransLink

TransLink fare increase kicks in July 1

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TransLink fares go up on Canada Day 2017!

On Saturday, July 1st, 2017, the cost of taking transit in Metro Vancouver will rise as TransLink looks to fund projects on improving its services in the region. Fare increases are part of the agency’s funding model towards a ten year, $2 billion investment in service and infrastructure.

Single trip fares will see a ten cent increase, while concession fares go up five cents; monthly passes will cost two dollars more. The table below breaks down the cost per zone and fare type.

Single Use/Cash Tickets
Zone Current Fare New Fare
1 $2.75 $2.85
2 $4.00 $4.10
3 $5.50 $5.60
1 $1.75 $1.80
2 $2.75 $2.80
3 $3.75 $3.80
Stored Value Compass Card
1 $2.10 $2.20
2 $3.15 $3.25
3 $4.20 $4.30
1 $1.75 $1.80
2 $2.75 $2.80
3 $3.75 $3.80
Monthly Pass
1 $91.00 $93.00
2 $124.00 $126.00
3 $170.00 $172.00
All Zones $52.00 $53.00
Day Pass
All Zones $9.75 $10.00
All Zones $7.50 $7.75


Source: TransLink

Let TransLink know how you feel about fares

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TransLink wants your feedback on its current fare structure.

Are you frustrated with the cost of taking transit around Metro Vancouver? Does the current zone system confuse you? Now’s your chance to let TransLink hear your opinion with the transit fare review survey.

Current fares on SkyTrain, bus and SeaBus are determined by how many zones travelled. While all bus rides are one zone, SkyTrain has three zones — but the number of zones differs depending on the time of day (three zones during peak/rush hours and one zone for evening hours/weekend/holidays). This perplexes people not familiar with the system and those who use it infrequently.

This feedback aims to make adjustments to the fare structure based on distance travelled, time of travel and method of transport used.

So what would you like to see? Fares based on distance (such as paying less to travel from Joyce-Collingwood to Metrotown), time of day (more for travel during rush hour Monday morning instead of early afternoon on a Wednesday) or service (it’s cheaper to take a bus than it is to ride SkyTrain or the West Coast Express).

The survey closes on Friday, February 17th, 2017.

Source: TransLink

Evergreen Extension to open December 2, 2016

Evergreen ExtensionThe much awaited Evergreen Extension to the Millennium Line opens to passengers on Friday, December 2nd, 2016. This addition to the SkyTrain network links Coquitlam and Port Moody into the rest of the rapid transit system that serves Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey and Vancouver.

Service begins at 12:00 pm PST with festivities held at the Coquitlam Centre station. Updates to TransLink’s web site with transit routes and schedules go live on Monday, November 28th, 2016. Changes to bus service come into effect on Monday, December 19th, 2016. TransLink will also have added staff from Monday, November 21st through to Thursday, December 22nd, 2016 to help with questions on bus service, connections and schedules.

Source: The Buzzer Blog

CTA bids farewell to the 2400-series rail car

2400-series Green Line train

A 2400-series Harlem-bound Green Line train crosses the Chicago River on the Lake Street bridge.

It’s the end of the line for the 2400-series rail cars as the Chicago Transit Authority upgrades its rail fleet. The CTA is holding one last ride for the 38 year old cars on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 before they’re removed from service.

Inaugurated during the United States’ bicentennial in 1976, the cars were built by Boeing-Vertol and originally delivered in a patriotic red, white and blue colour scheme. For most of their life, the 2400-series served the Green and Purple lines, with a number dedicated as maintenance trains easily identified by their red and white striped horizontal markings. This class of rail car became the first to use sliding doors instead of the “blinker” doors, last used on the long gone 2200-series.

An eight-car farewell train will tour the Loop, Brown Line, North Side Red Line and South Side Green Line in their original 1976 livery. Visit the CTA web site for a schedule of the 2400-series final run.

Source: Chicago Transit Authority


Farewell Trip for CTA 2200-Series

A 2200-series train at O'Hare

A 2200-series train at O’Hare

After serving some 40+ years moving people throughout Chicago, the aging 2200-series rail cars are making their final run before retirement.

On the morning of Thursday, August 8th, 2013, the Chicago Transit Authority will be holding two celebratory last trips with an eight-car 2200-series train along the Blue Line.

Famous for their rectangular shape, corrugated sides and folding “blinker” doors, the 2200-series hit the rails in 1969 as delivery continued into the early 1970s. Later in their life, the 2200-series moved to the Blue Line to be paired up with the 2600-series so that passengers with disabilities could board a train without being restricted by the narrow doors.

Two trips will be made late Thursday morning: a non-stop short run between Rosemont and Jefferson Park leaving Rosemont at 10:05 am CDT and an all-stop full run from O’Hare to Forest Park leaving O’Hare at 11:05 am CDT. Regular fares will be in effect. Visit the Chicago Transit Authority web site for full schedule details.

The 2200-series have been replaced by the 5000-series which are deployed on the Pink, Red and Green Lines.

Sources: Chicago Transit Authority,

Evergreen Line station names announced

Lougheed Town Centre Station

Lougheed Town Centre Station

The Government of Canada, Province of British Columbia, and TransLink released the finalized names of the stations along the progressing Evergreen Line.

The contentious transit project has been subject to delays, funding issues and controversy; but now it’s clear that the new SkyTrain line is moving forward. While a list of station names might not be significant, it at least shows that progress is being made. As construction continues, it’s expected that the route will be ready for the summer of 2016.

Station names, running north from the junction at Lougheed Town Centre are as follows:

  • Lougheed Town Centre Station
  • Burquitlam Station
  • Moody Centre Station
  • Inlet Centre Station
  • Coquitlam Central Station
  • Lincoln Station
  • Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station

So far, the Evergreen Line is estimated to cost around $1.43 billion; $424 million coming from the Government of Canada, $586 million from the Province of British Columbia, and $400 million from TransLink.

Source: BC Newsroom

Steam on the Tube

Three days ago, the London Underground celebrated a well-earned milestone: its 150th birthday. Part of the festivities include rides on a restored E class 0-4-4T steam engine: Met Locomotive No. 1. Coupled with the historic locomotive is the refurbished “Jubilee” carriage #353 from 1892. Another train will be pulled by an electric locomotive from the 1920s, the No. 12 Sarah Siddons. The rest of the train will include cars with first and second class seating from the Bluebell Railway in Sussex.

Only one ride remains with the heritage trains, which will occur on Sunday, January 20th, 2013. Tickets can be purchased by phone through the London Transport Museum.

If you can’t get tickets, a regular fare will at least net you an opportunity to watch these hard workers of a bygone era roar past. The BBC has a short gallery on the run from Sunday, January 13th.

Main Street-Science World station renovation

Main Street-Science World station

I spy with my little eye: station renovations!

Main Street-Science World is the oldest station serving SkyTrain. Opened in 1983 when the system was just a demo line prior to the start of Expo 86 (actual service didn’t begin until December 1985), TransLink has identified Main Street-Science World as a station that requires significant upgrades to handle the increasing number of passengers as well as preparation for fare gate installation.

TransLink has some pretty hefty changes in mind and wants transit users to provide their input. This window is open only from January 8th until January 22nd, 2013. Improvements include building a new station house on the east side of Main Street (Pacific Central side) with escalators and elevators to the platform, direct elevator and escalator access to the platform in the existing west station house (Science World side), security and lighting upgrades, plus additional retail space (TransLink could use the extra cash).

Work should commence within the next few months and progress until Fall 2013 for the entrance on the east side of Main Street and have minimal rail service impacts. It’s not until the second phase from Fall 2013 until Summer 2014 when work on the west station house will cause service disruptions. A two-car shuttle train will run between the Waterfront and Commercial-Broadway stations and stop at all stations in between while normal Expo and Millennium Line trains will bypass Main Street-Science World.

Visit TransLink’s web site for further details and contact information.

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